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Today, I was sitting on a bus. I'm deaf. An old lady looked very angry at me and started talking. Then she looked like she was screaming. I had to type on my phone that I'm deaf. Apparently, I'd been stepping on her foot. She decided to poke me in the eye and type, "Now you're blind too." FML
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My response would be to type in another message "now youre dying" and cut off her oxygen supply


It's fake? Please 7 bestow upon me your wisdom of the factuality of the FML world. I am dying to know how you were able to judge the story as that of a lie. **** you for editing it

Tell me about it, people are getting so rude nowadays...

I hope you made the I'm in pain motion, clutched your eye and stomped her foot.

37- I see a Marx brothers skit here, specifically, Harpo.

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Speaking requires speech therapy for a lot of deaf people.

229- they're deaf, therefor they never heard any vocal sounds when they were young and never learned to mimic/adapt to them. So no op cant talk.

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You could have shut your mouth, but that didn't stop you from continuing either.

Jeez! Seems like y'all need the power of Colgate 'de-sensitizer', because all y'alls is too sensitive.

2, you are one of those Canadians that think you are better than us Americans aren't you(I am not saying all Canadians are like that)?

Apparently the people who thumbed me down didn't read the part in perinthesies.


2- People like you should be neutered and never given the chance to reproduce.

Ok, for the record, I'm not hating on Canadians. Just 2.

GO CANADIANS I think that there are dicks in every country but the US is just thought to be full of them partly because of things like this and partly because of the stareotype ( don't know how to spell that) that Americans are fat, dicks and trigger happy

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65- And you are one of those Americans that think you're better then every other country on earth, even though you know absolutely nothing about the world beyond the United States border.

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2- Wow, you're a ******* asshole, aren't you?

When my dad was at work a guy asked him what the name of the Canadian prime minister was. He didn't know if it was called a president or prime minister. And this guy was a teacher in the USA. Not bashing Americans just stating an event.

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You must be so proud of yourself and your level of ignorance being shown right here.

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Parenthesis prove nothing except you know what you said rude and clearly offensive to some. Well done living up to the American stereotype of thinking yourself better than all.

No I'm not 148. I was just bashing 2 because he was be a complete asshole. If you had read the other comment I posted I said I was not hating on all Canadians jus on 2. I know not all of you are like that and I NOTHING against Canada.

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165- Your comment implied that USA was better then Canada. Which is an ignorant thing to say, like someone said before. Thanks for feeding the stereotypes.

OH GOOD LORD starwind just shut the **** up you aren't making it any better. Shut up. Your comment was still stupid, no matter how you try to defend it. So stop. You didn't have to point out that they were Canadian.

That's not how I meant it 148. I meant it the other way around because he was insulting OP who lives in America. I realize it was poorly worded and I apologize for that. Again, I have nothing against Canada.

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171- So because he insulted someone who lives in America, not America itself. You decided to insult Canada. You're an idiot.

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I swear old people can be the biggest bitches. Sorry OP..

She's an old and CRAZY lady. They are a plague and need to be irradiated. I'm sorry that happened. People suck.

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I believe you mean eradicated...?

They will be eradicated by irradiation, obviously.

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Yes, she could have handled the situation better. SMH.

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To add to 2s comment, you should have then typed, "you're an old crazy bitch"

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I'm sorry you had to experience the constant ignorance of America.

Sorry to hear that OP, but as a mime I can say we would of made an interesting team! I could translate with my hand gestures and then put that mean ol' lady in a box!

I wouldn't say ignorance of the country, I would say more of the rudeness of the older population.

Yeah, I'm trying to figure out how ignorance applies to this situation at all. The old lady was ignorant of the op's deafness, but even had she known it wouldn't change the fact that this woman is rude and crazy.

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5, you were just as ignorant as that old woman before OP posted this FML.

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But, you didnt feel her foot under yours??

And how did you have enough pressure one someone's foot while you were sitting down for them to crack it?

There was no mention of anything cracking in this entire FML, comments included...

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My response would be to type in another message "now youre dying" and cut off her oxygen supply

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Super bitch!, she should have just lifted her foot!

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Why would you have a phone if you're deaf?

This one has hair growing where her brain should be, I swear.

She has a point - besides the fact that TEXTING exists, it was actually pretty well thought-out.

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Why do you have a head if you dont have a brain??

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Phones are used for a lot more than calling, especially nowadays. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if texting was above calling.

Reminds me of the fml a while back of the phone sales associate who kept trying to sell the deaf customer more calling minutes, when they were communicating via dry erase board. Deaf people use phone/Internet devices to text/IM/social network just like the rest of the world. It's not that hard to figure out.

For text. My sisters deaf. She uses it to communicate with people that don't know signing or finger spelling.

*The fail meter is buzzing at around 1.7k Mego-bamas*

I'm hard of hearing. Not even fully deaf, and I hate talking on the phone. However, there is a little thing called TEXTING and many others such as TTY, relay service, and social networks in which deaf people can communicate. Who uses a phone just to call nowadays?? Not even my mother, and she is not very tech-savvy!! I'd like to see you try to survive as a deaf/hard of hearing person!!!

I think KaySL did the best job at conveying why #10 is retarded. Congratulations! You get a sugar cookie! :3

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27 - yeah, it just makes you incredibly dumb.

Haven't you seen Babel? The japanese chicks video "chat" so they can sign.

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Some of you are as mean as the old lady, Geeez.,, like you have never asked a dumb question.

Really ? What a stupid question theres a thing called texting mobiles can be used for that to you know and also my mums deaf but she can still talk on the phone

do you text? me too, and i'm deaf. duh. and i save my money for not having any minutes by not using phone, only text and the rest of it. bahahaha. geez.

10 do u also think deaf people shouldn't have computers because in our century phones pretty much are mini computers

Justy101 you obviously dont watch the show switched at birth. I guess it doesnt show im australia. (im from the US) But deaf people can use facetime and sign with each other using that. Also there are a million other things phones can be used for. reading FMLs for example :)

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This comment is the reason people should not put their pictures as avatars. Now we know the identity of the dumbass.

Everyone I know hates talking on the phone. He can still text which is what most people do.

It's true you know. I decided to check the comments first before posting. I was going to state the truth that if texting didn't exist, other than maybe entertainment, your possession of a phone would be useless, In summary: You need to quit being a little bitch.

You all are being to ******* hard on 10. Texting exists? NO SHIT! So if you're going to comment on this just to say, "Oh, there's a little thing called texting DUMBASS!" Then **** off, Also, I'm assuming that, none of you are aware not everyone has texting, while the majority of the world does, I can confidently say at least 15% of the phone using world doesn't, and still, while phones can go on social networks, and all that good stuff. Even less people have a data plan or shit like that. Plus some people still use phones without those capabilities. End Comment

Hey, ********. If she didn't have texting or another good reason to have a phone, then she wouldn't have a ******' phone, period, would she?! Use your head and put 2 and 2 together, you stupid ******* hick.

Also, they do make phones specifically for deaf people.

@199 Just because someone doesn't have texting or the apps a phone usually provides, doesn't mean they don't know what texting is! The only way she couldn't know is if she lived under a rock and just recently found the internet. It was a dumb question and that's why people are calling her dumb. 'End of comment'.

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I'm not proud to live in the same city as you.

#10, did you seriously just ask that? What do people use their phones for BESIDES calling people, smart one? Texting, perhaps? Using the Internet? Social networking? COMMUNICATING? Think about it.

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Deaf! Not blind can still read txt

Justy101 23

I'm pretty sure that the main use of a phone is to call ect. Just saying.

Yes and deaf people use phones to text their friends - similar to most kids/young adults these days. The only thing they can't do is call people, just because they can't doesn't mean they don't need a phone.

jacob4592 0

Not entirely true... It's for communicating not just calling. You probably txt more than you call

15, have you not heard of accessible features on phones? Especially an IPhone?

Justy101 23
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I'm pretty sure now a days people use text more often than calling anyway..

Justy101 - just stop. For the love of god, stop!!! You were wrong! Let it go! Theres no point in arguing that point! Any statistic will show you that texting is more common on a mobile than calling! Why? Because its cheaper and anyone can use it!

No they're not. Texting, the Internet, games, calendars, etc etc. Maybe you should step out of the twentieth century and join everyone else in the twenty-first.

Justy101 - If you're really a "typical teenager" as your profile states, you'd know people are far more likely to text. You're wrong. Deal with it.

If you put a comma between 'hit' and 'man', it has a much more comical twist!!! *South Park announcer voice* Woaaahh! looks like someone is suffering from creative-Parkinson's disease!!!