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  Today, while at a restaurant with my husband for our 4-year anniversary, he kept behaving strangely, breathing deeply and eventually sighing happily. I thought the wine had just gone to his head. Nope; he proudly admitted later that he'd jerked off without anyone noticing, even me. FML
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  chosha_fml  |  25

#1 Why make a pointless comparison? 'Your husband's an immature asshole, but you should be happy he's not more of an asshole.' That's bullshit, and completely dismissive of her problem.

By  itsjusttofunny  |  8

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  cryssycakesx3  |  22

or just a public/exhibition fetish. o think it's sexy. I like touching/being touched in public when it seems like no one's looking. nothing "disgraceful" about it.

  mikbrooke  |  25

#99 - there is nothing sexy about being touched in public in places that should be kept private. as you said, seems like there is noone looking. you dont know who could be seeing that. for all you know, you've just made a little kid endure that. intimate touching = keep it private. the public doesnt want to see it.

  chriisteex  |  10

You need to realize that not everyone is as pro-sex as you. Yes, being intimate in public is thrilling and exciting FOR YOU but have some common courtesy. Nobody wants to see a stranger wanking off under a dining table when they're trying to eat their food.