By Anonymous - 08/02/2010 18:24 - United States

Today, while on my way to the break room, it seemed as if everyone was staring at me and giving me odd looks. I asked my friend, "Did I get prettier overnight or something?" She answered, "No, your shirt is just see-through." FML
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You deserve it for not CHECKING YOUR OUTFIT BEFORE YOU LEFT. And to assume you got prettier? If that wasn't a joke you deserve more than what you got.

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Well if you have nice breasts it can't be that bad..

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Pics Or It Didn't Happend

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( . Y . )

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Haha are you hot? I wouldn't mind. :)

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you bought a shirt and didn't look at it? ydi

if i was a girl i would totally wear a see-through shirt and pretend like i was oblivious to everything just for THE SEXUAL THRILL, THE SEXUAL THRILL.

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If I were naked and you were naked I'd totally fuck you, just for THE SEXUAL THRILL, THE SEXUAL THRILL.

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As the old saying goes: PICS OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN! Now, please.

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lol's bewbies =x

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what was that from?

LOL so true. Next update, ability to post pics along with posts.

haha family guy. but or it didn't happen :D


stripper at night?

#102-typical dude right there

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Dats hot!(;

At least you were wearing a shirt

Exactly what I was thinking!

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That's not good enough, bitch. Take the shirt off.

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How about a stfu

yea what's wrong about showing a little something something

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So she got prettier when she changed?

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did yuh get a raise lol

if she's hot I'll bet the males did down under.

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ahahahaha 93

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You deserve it for not CHECKING YOUR OUTFIT BEFORE YOU LEFT. And to assume you got prettier? If that wasn't a joke you deserve more than what you got.

The OP probably did it on purpose cause she loves to show off her titties . . .

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what's op mean?

ornamental penis

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It means 'origional person', moe. So it's the person who posted the FML.

Original poster*

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O_O Wow pendatic... Just... Wow :/ It's so wow that I can't even think of something witty to say... Wow.

That's what she said! :D

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Ouch, Freezeburn!

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Lol @ #22!

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original poster

I'm going to say ornamental penis for everyone who asks what's op

And WTF means women's fucking titties. OMG means orgasmic monkey goo. we should make up all new meanings for everything . @OP, that sucks

lmaoo i agree with #98

@98 uhh WTF means womens fucking titties? wft? more like women titty fucking :D

#22 almost made me pee myself ;'D

@98, nice. YDI=you dumb idiot mirrors aren't that pricey ya know...

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ok 6, I definately agree I always make sure the shirt isn't sheer enough to see what's underneath before I buy it. we all learn things the hard way sometimes op

I get sheer shirts all the time. I have many. I also have many bikinis and camisoles (super thin spaghetti strap tanks) to wear them with.

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Chill person.....chill

YDI for wearing a seethrough shirt.

heh me to!!!

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what does YDI meann ?

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you deserve it

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you deserve it

I would have loved to be there! Was your skirt see through too? :D

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Sounds to me like the answer is "yes"...

LOL! Next time double (D) check XD

Did you not look in the mirror before you left, or did you mistake it for a whore?