By Anonymous - United States
Today, while on my way to the break room, it seemed as if everyone was staring at me and giving me odd looks. I asked my friend, "Did I get prettier overnight or something?" She answered, "No, your shirt is just see-through." FML
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  im_asian  |  0

if i was a girl i would totally wear a see-through shirt and pretend like i was oblivious to everything just for THE SEXUAL THRILL, THE SEXUAL THRILL.

  Ajjas013  |  6

O_O Wow pendatic... Just... Wow :/

It's so wow that I can't even think of something witty to say... Wow.

  Ajjas013  |  6

Ouch, Freezeburn!

  jme89  |  0

ok 6, I definately agree I always make sure the shirt isn't sheer enough to see what's underneath before I buy it. we all learn things the hard way sometimes op