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By Anonymous - 11/11/2013 15:55 - United States

Today, I was at a party with a few of my friends. We saw a guy walking around with bright pink lipstick all over his mouth, so we made a bet to see who could match the lipstick to the girl first. I won. It was my girlfriend's. FML
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Sometimes it doesn't pay to be the winner.

What did you win?


Sometimes it doesn't pay to be the winner.

\ 28

Then again, how does OP know that the lipstick was actually there because of a kiss? Or was it playfully drawn on?

it ALWAYS pays to be the winner. in this case he won the truth.

Better to find out sooner than later! If it turns out she cheated, get rid of her - nobody deserves a cheater as a partner!

Someone else could have won the bet, but it wouldn't change the fact that the girl involved was OP's girlfriend.

Considering you were at a party and you weren't near your girlfriend, there's also the possibilty that he tried to make a move on her and smeared her lip stick when she tried to fend him off. But who knows! OP, we need more deets!

I think the FML implies that she was kissing him. It wouldn't be an FML moment if she had just rubbed lipstick on his face.

I'm curious if OP was simply betting on one of his friends or if he was actually trying to win the bet by kissing someone he thought was not his girlfriend.

Or maybe I'm just stupid and they were validating by looking ; )

What did you win?

euphoricness 28

The lipstick?

\ 28

Severe disappointment.

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If he has any sense, he won a return to the single life.

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A new ex girl friend?

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102, are you drunk?

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I bet that's one bet you wish you didn't win.

Wonder if that guy had lipstick any other place? Hmmmm Reminds me of that Yo Mama joke: "Tell Yo' Mama to stop changing the colour of her lipstick -- I got a rainbow on my dick"

walnutisacat 6

Actually it's a good thig to win, you know to dump that b****

Hiimhaileypotter 52

And even if OP wouldn't have won, it still would've involved his trampy (hopefully ex) girlfriend.

well now you know..

That Coral Pink looks awesome on guys? Honey, I've been rocking that color since before you were born.

38- wha- what??? I don't understand...

You win the prize of confrontation.

rhcpgurl 18

This was one bet you didn't want to win

Ohh that sucks! Sorry op!!

Kick that dude's ass.

euphoricness 28

And then dump the bitch!

kyu_Q 19

You should not confront the guy. Unless he forced himself on her, your issue should be with your woman. same goes for women. Your Man is who you want to deal with not the other woman.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

That's so true, 50. But, I don't think I'd have enough self control to just let him get away with it. Especially if it's a girl you love.

Zimmington 21

Why do people always want to fight the guy their girlfriend cheated on them with? He didn't cheat on him. SHE did! He might not have even known she had a boyfriend.

I know a lot of immature guys that must hit something when they get mad. Be it a wall, door or the other guy. Maybe it's to show off and have the cheating girlfriend witness the guy she cheated with as a weakling if he get pounded and she chose the wrong guy? Or that he's willing to fight for her love. Who knows? And mom did teach them never to hit a girl.

Zimmington 21

76- It's funniest when the boyfriend gets his ass beat. And my mom taught me to never fight over a girl since I was young maybe that's why I don't see the logic in it. I mean, She cheated. Trust breached. Without trust there's no relationship. Don't get mad at the other guy just move on.

Zimmington 21

56- Also maybe It's weird but my mom taught me if a girl hits me hit her back. Ofcourse that was in elementary & I'm an adult now but it still applies right?

I agree with you. And girls fight each other for their cheating boyfriends too. I don't understand why. I was just commenting trying to figure it out myself? And I don't know about that. Maybe just don't date psychos that hit? Haha

Zimmington 21

You'd be surprised how many "normal" women resort to hitting during argument they're losing. But I just walk away most of the time unless she has a weapon then I have no choice.

Zimmington 21

Oh, & sometimes I think women are the worst at that especially if they love the guy. They need someone to blame like she "seduced" him or something.

@82 - As a girl I completely agree with you. I usually don't hit anyone, neither men nor women, but when I do I expect to get hit back. Just the way it is for me.

the bitch cheated on you, kick her ass ..and if the guy knew she had a boyfriend, that means he doesnt care and disrispected you..kick his ass too

It could be a possibility it was another girl. I see lots of girls walking around with red & pink lipstick. If it was her, I feel sorry for you. Ask her about it & see what she has to say about it.

I agree. Trending fashion/makeup. Could just be a coincidence. If not, she isn't worth it anyway.

Agreed. Evidence is circumstantial at best. Further investigation is warranted.

ema_stonez 19

tough luck buddy. at least you won

In this case, it's not a good thing that he won.