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Today, I was talking to my mom lamenting the fact that none of my few relationships seem to last longer than 2 months. She asked why and I said, "because I'm paranoid, obsessive compulsive, judgmental, defensive, and stubborn." Instead of encouraging me, she said, "Well, at least you're honest." FML
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Well, if you posted that here looking for some encouragement - all I can say is your Mom knows you better than I do so I'm going to have to go with her assessment. "Put on your big girl panties", stop whining, and start addressing your problems!

If you know your flaws, why do you let them ruin your relationships?


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Well, if you posted that here looking for some encouragement - all I can say is your Mom knows you better than I do so I'm going to have to go with her assessment. "Put on your big girl panties", stop whining, and start addressing your problems!

Don't you mean "big boy boxers"... its a dude. Maybe I'm just nit picking at the details here.

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Oh my god, you're right!! I just assumed that all this emo relationship talk with mom had to be a girl... My bad! OP: man up you pussy!

Emo=Emotive hardcore, genre of underground music. Look it up if you don't believe me and don't use words unless you know what they mean.

WOW, at first I thought it was a girl too and was like FYL but since it's a guy he should just get over it. OP atleast your honest

43 - you need to acknowledge when a word has come to gain definitions other than its original meaning. emo may have started out short for "emotive hardcore" or whatever but now it is generally used to mean "overly emotional." OP - if you know all those things about yourself, what did you expect your mom to do? lie to you? try getting some therapy for your problems instead of expecting a pat on the back.

#44, Sexist Feminist much? "I feel so sorry for you, since your boyfriends are pigs for thinking you're a bad... oh wait.... you're a male? Oh, nevermind then. You're totally at fault then."

pretty sure she's saying OP is whining like a bitch. I agree

I agree the OP's a whiny bitch, but what I'm saying is the feminist wrote "Oh, at first I thought you were a female, so I thought FYL, but then I realized you're a man, so you deserve it".

Amen. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be with someone like that? I'd leave you in a heartbeat too.

That's a definite YDI. If you keep picking out all your flaws, so will your partners.

If you know your flaws, why do you let them ruin your relationships?

That was my thought. I mean you know that you're all those things, and yet you won't change them and expect sympathy? What a tard. YDI.

If you can't be positive about yourself no one else will be!

FYL for your mom not being more supportive, but also YDI because you won't get up and do something about yourself except whiiiine

Well then, YDI since you haven't been able to address the problem you know about

If you didn't want to know the truth, you shouldn't have asked your mom. I'm pretty sure none of the guys you date can put up with your obsessive compulsive judgemental whining either. Go see a counselor; get some therapy.

If you know what the problems are Fix em. Simple as that

I'm kind of like you except less intense. I don't make your mistake though. I stay by myself. No relationships.

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you just say that because no girl would want you

I choose to have no relationships because, after several failed ones, I asked myself what the point of a relationship was. People are intolerant, stupid, and greedy but pretend to be picture perfect in front of you. I just never really saw the point, even in relationships just for sex. Sex is dangerous, your blood pressure and heart rate are quite high during sexual intercourse, not to mention the risks of STD/STIs, or getting your sexual partner pregnant and then having to pay child support for years and years after the fact.

Relationships aren't all bad. They're about love. And sex is NOT dangerous! As long as you use the proper protection, you wont have to worry about paying child support. And if your worried about high heart rate, then you've got by 50 or something. I think that you just can't get a girl.

Sex is dangerous? Because of your heart rate and blood pressure? :| Where did you go to medical school?

I can get girls if I wanted to put on a fake personality, but I never saw the point. Whenever I pretended to act normal, girls would love me. When I spoke to them about something personal, or opened up to them (in other words, talk about something other than what bullshitty song is playing on the radio all day or which celebrity had sex with who), they'd flip out on me. It's not my fault I'm looking for someone who's not a shallow bimbo. I never really saw the point in having somebody with you.

@49, I didn't go to medical school. Sexual intercourse is only said to reduce stress because during intimacy you're heart rate and blood pressure are elevated. And a side note to 46: No matter what protection you use, you're never 100% protected. Abstinence is the only way to be sure.

A- I don't "avoid" relationships. I avoid them because when it all boils down, I hate people. B- I am 17 years old, 5'10, and 130 lbs. I run a few miles every day with my dog, who unlike most people, does not hate me. I am not fat. C- I do not do nothing all day. I write code and play guitar. D- I am not a troll. I hate trolls. Maybe fear elevated BP and HR might be a bad excuse but if I wanted to put on a better personality to loose my virginity, I would but I'm sure as hell not going to risk contracting any STD/STIs or getting some **** pregnant. And a final note, I don't really care what people think of me right now because when I leave High School, I'm joining the military.

I don't say I avoid relationships to compensate for my personality disorder. How do I have a poor understanding of STD/Is? I understand enough to know that abstinence is the only reliable method of prevention. 5 girls at my school were pregnant in just June, and who knows how many there are now. So most of the girls I know actually are *****. And how is the military a stupid choice? I'll be out fighting for my country and then after four years, due to the GI Bill, I'll be in college. After that I'm going to work with CPS, because I don't think anyone should go through what I went through as a child.

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OMFG SHUT UP ALREADY. NOBODY CARES. i am tired of getting this crap sent to my inbox every time you reply.

This is the first time you've commented on this. How does it get sent to your inbox? I only get a little number that pops up next to my account info on how many replies this has.

You know what, #88, you're right. I'm just going to leave this argument now. It's getting annoying, really annoying. I've got better things to do than argue with somebody who questions my motives for everything I do, because clearly we both think we're right and we both grew up in probably very different environments.