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Today, my lips were dry and chapped, so I asked if I could use some of my friend's chapstick. She didn't mind, so I quickly put some on. Only later did I notice that my lips were sparkly. Turns out it was glitter balm. Now everyone calls me "princess." FML
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There is no need to question someone's gender just because of some lipgloss. Seriously, that makes no sense at all. Guys are all different, there's short ones, tall ones, ones with long hair, some who dress kind of girly, but that's just who they are on the outside, how they like to express themselves.

  TheWildRover1  |  12

The efforts of some people to be politically correct are hilarious! I'm all for marriage equality and all that, but cmon there is nothing wrong with calling a guy princess for having sparkly lips!
Edit: this hasn't come out in my usually, immaculately articulate way.... but you's know what im on about.

By  Liamc620  |  10

haha, soumds like u need better friends. this fml made my day


Babe the pig, duh! Everyone knows that pigs are magical creatures worthy of our worship and human sacrifices! Beware! You have proven incompetence by not knowing of such godliness! You shall now suffer the agony of a thousand frying pans for the rest of all eternity!