By Anonymous - 30/04/2009 04:52 - United States

Today, my girlfriend bought this hot pink Chanel nail polish. Bored, she thought it would be funny to paint my nails. I finally gave in and let her paint my toe nails. After she left, my buddy calls to to see if I can give him a ride. I forgot I had a swim meet today. FML
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mcbeth 0

psh, you didn't forget, you know you wanted to look pretty for your swim team

Methinks you are whipped.


Methinks you are whipped.

agreed. you definately deserve that one.

Methinks you is right

nail polish remover, duh!

definitely whipped

definitely whipped

That's actually really sweet that you did some thong like that for you girls friend

This is NOT an FML. Pink rocks!!!

First world problems......


Aww that's really sweet!

Lol my friend drew a fire breathing t-Rex on my back one time before a meet. I feel you OP...

mcbeth 0

psh, you didn't forget, you know you wanted to look pretty for your swim team

yeah, he wanted to wow them with his beautiful nails

Haha, you could always wash your feet with terpentine.

nail polish remover. it's easy to use and doesn't cost much. =/

wouldn't take long to get the nail polish off with remover :P

What makes you think he has any at his place.

#164 It's very inexpensive, and at the nearest dollar store.

Your mom doesn't have nail polish remover or something to get that off?

southpointchrysl 0

I'm pretty sure he said girlfriend

How do you know he doesn't live on his own?

wow, at least if you're going to give in to that make her do it with a color other than "hot pink chanel" YDI

you see there's this thing called nail polish works WONDERS

you can remove it. and besides, what's the big deal? if they say anything, you can explain. I hate how so many guys feel the constant need to never be seen as feminine

I know right? Just tell everyone your girlfriend did it for a laugh. Seriously, not an FML.

Lennes 12

I whoheartedly agree #8.

Bigdawg42 8

yeah lol, and besides if he tells them his girlfriend did it, he'll just be cooler

It makes you go faster!!

#8, because that would mean you're less of a man, duhh!