By leeceetaylor99 - 15/07/2013 16:47 - United States - San Antonio

Today, I walked in on my boyfriend and my best friend making out. She claimed he was just tasting her lipstick. FML
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Maybe you should make him eat the whole tube

of course it was good have you ever tasted flavored wax

#13 yes! exactly. shove it down his throat. teaching him how choking feels like for us women as a bonus.

bff: hey I got this new lipstick. want to taste it ? boyfriend: eeehhh whats it called? bff: its called backstabbing, man stealing ***** ! bf: sure. sounds delicious!

More like ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend. What a joke. OP deserves so much better than both of them combined.

kathryn14 19

IT BETTER HAVE BEEN. Like wow this is horrible

Wish my gf would let me taste her best friend's chapstick.

It's ok, his girlfriend is still on WoW

Wouldn't you much rather taste your girlfriend's lipstick? She is your GIRLFRIEND after all...

I'm really hoping that was sarcasm.. Otherwise, maybe you should taste a new flavor of chapstick.. Called foot up your ass..

AppleJuiceBox 10

Sad excuse in my opinion, lipstick can taste like shit.

Steve95401 49

But lip gloss is flavored and can taste very nice.

40- this is true. Lip gloss can taste great. I don't know many lipsticks that taste good.

yeah if he wanted to tast it he cudda licked tha tube it came in.

#6 - This is off topic, but what the heck are you trying to say in your profile description?

vballgirly28 16

She seems like the best friend ever! Not. Sorry OP you deserve better.

Nice one, 49. She isn't a friend if she's willing to do something like that, he's no better, leave, and start new relationships.

Test your kicking and slapping skills by connecting your leg to his nuts and your hands to her face

or maybe more nonviolent and mature solution to the situation would be to walk away and put then out her life

24- While walking away is of course more mature and nonviolent, sometimes, nothing quite conveys that emotional hurt like a full tilt crotch stomp to the offending party. :P Not always or often, but still . ;)

I find it so funny da stupid excuses people come up with for cheating

Come on now. You're a grown man and you're using "da" instead of "the"?