Bad timing

By Proprepourtant - 16/04/2011 11:28 - France

Today, I gave my boyfriend a blowjob for the first time. This is the moment he chooses to exclaim, "Wow, you really do have a lot of dandruff!" FML
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TraceCase_ 19

Guess the next time he's looking for a BJ, you're gonna be busy washing your hair. Seriously though...try some Head and Shoulders

a_cassie 4

that's kind of awkward


dirtyblond 4

Head & Shoulders!;D

eyez_lay_low1921 0

iagree with 9.! lol

eyez_lay_low1921 0

eww' u NASTY!

Knees and toes :L

AsianCookie247 14

knees and toes! :)

Knee and toes !

Eyes and ears! :D

mouth and nose (:

staceysgenesis16 0

HAHA heads n shoulders !! lmao thats a win

66, 68, something different, that's what I like.

Captain_Zorro 7


Monstee 2

How do you give shoulders?

RunnerDudeTyler 0

104 Idk how someone would give shoulders but I'd like the toes! xD

You should said he also had dandruff but down there.

you attempt to pleasure him using your shoulders. if anybody could successfully do that I'd be impressed

weird_little_kid 0

Heart and Lungs lol

Blood and guts !

dirtyblond 4

hahaha WIN!^

your name confuses me dirtyblond seeing as you aren't blond, whats up with that?

4XxXo_OxXx4 0

rofl! screamo ftw (I'm bored and profile stalking)

dirtyblond 4

It is what it is! My hair color is dirty-blond. -____- geezes!

your picture is amazing!

AsianCookie247 14

haha so is yours ^ I like the way you hold your pussaayy.

125, 'crabs' is the word you're looking for.


Cavelallemant 0

xD I'm gonna die bahahaha

a_cassie 4

that's kind of awkward

use shampoo

use shampoo

just say. hey I thought it'd be fun to roleplay. I'll be a snow blower!

KaitlynJohan 4


Head and shoulders lol

ImaWiseGuy 5

something tells me you finished anyways.....

nitaaxboo 0

lmfao that's funny

bahahahahaha guess that.... sucks for you :P

mintcar 9

YDI for flaking. Although, he probably should've mentioned it AFTER the ********.

imreallyhigh 0

is this jasmine?

mintcar 9


no that's a **** :o

haha^ 137 you own. x)

Alex94xela 0

LOLOLOLOL guy who said **** is a winning

^ yeah it was a win ^_^ btw, having your fml name as "exploding muff" is a really wierd to be totally honest dude :L :L <3

mintcar 9

Wow, how creative. Pardon me while I go sit in the corner and weep.

A7X_LoVeee 10

How is she a ****? You all are ******* stupid.

mintcar 9

LULZ, 166 is showing cleavage also but she wanted to be an idiot and jump on the " lololololol ur such a **** mintcar" bandwagon. How lovely. 175, I agree.

And it must have been a bad ********. Otherwise, he wouldn't have said anything until afterwards.

The silver lining is that if you do a good job down there he can add some protein to your hair. It makes your hair strong…and sticky.

kaykay9080 5

Fhl for having a girlfriend with bad hair.

palan 0

dochébag no one has bad hair she should just get new shampoo and ... a new boyfriend

Since dandruff has to do with the scalp and not the hair, and it's easily fixable, she does not have 'bad hair'.

fyl for having such a scary picture

89; fyl for being 12.

98 fyl for not knowing how to count or 89 fyl for editing your birthday

11, Wow, nice fake nose piercing. It's quite obvious because it's uneven.

SceneRaver 0

haha! your nose piercing looks like shit!!!

KinqLeo610 0

well that just means she aint clean for shit

TraceCase_ 19

Guess the next time he's looking for a BJ, you're gonna be busy washing your hair. Seriously though...try some Head and Shoulders

Amen!! Sucks for him! Or really doesn't :) lol

You read my mind, I was just about to suggest that!

she already tried the head, now just the shoulders. lol

vfs_fml 0


Devin91 20

thats dirty , fhl for having a nasty girl.

A7X_LoVeee 10

^ Winning.

Devin91 20

learn how to take a ******* joke you prick.

TrueStory22 0

I thought jokes are supposed to be funny..?

71- Not all of them are, obviously. But when someone takes them too seriously, it can make them look even less funny.

That was a joke? I think I missed the punch line.

Devin91 20

not all jokes have punchlines there's this thing called sarcasm ever heard of it?

your just saying that now cause ppl are bitching to you

^ hah nice

dirtyblond 4

It's okay, he has nice abs.

You're saying we can do whatever we want if we're good looking?

Devin91 20

i highly doubt she was being serious.

staceysgenesis16 0

mmm a discussion about jokes .. AWSOME .. hmm

dirtyblond 4

No 129, i was kidding!

Paigeyk 3

Its not dirty she just has a dry scalp, shit happens.

all of y'all just need to take some midol. clearly several of you need it.

**** you ppl. dry scalp is nasty.. take care of it before going down. your all just mad the guy is deezed. no ****

MuffyStJacques 0

Must've been like looking down onto a mountain top.

natas_fml 13

spoooogett! I got ya, I spooked ya.

Lala7261 0

lol. with snow covered tops.