Don't mess with gamers

By bbedlock - 16/04/2011 12:35 - Australia

Today, after receiving the third call this week from teachers about my son falling asleep in class, I decided that it would be a good idea to hide his Xbox controllers. He decided it would be a good idea to hide my diabetes medication. FML
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goodfella925 0

**** that, smash that xbox to the side of his head:/

That's bad parenting, plain and simple. Any kid raised right would never dream of pulling a stunt like this, especially when it puts his parents' health at risk. You brought this on yourself. Now it's up to you to set him straight before the nasty behaviour gets worse.


Tit for tat? jk

shibainu519 0

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weird_little_kid 0

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weird_little_kid 0

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yes it is. I think watching him burn would be suprisingly satisfying >:) haha oh wow I'm scaring myself. but ya I hate him... -_-


weird_little_kid 0

he should never SING never

ShelbyyCakess 0

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referencing the musical garbage deriving from his prepubescent throat is unneccesary to point out he is a raging homosexual that needa to be assassinated

ur a dumbshit stfu

AngryGuitarist 0

Today, I took my moms meds. She decided to kick me in the face and smash my xbox. FML

requiescat in pace, bastardo.

4XxXo_OxXx4 0

AC reference? I'm stuck with a wii, all I get is goldeneye 007 ;(

emmanizzer 6

what's wrong with justin bieber? sure his balls haven't dropped yet but it's not like he killed your mother. and he can sing better than most "singers" these days can.... jus' sayin.

slimjim8094 12

Real singers don't autotune. The enormous corporations were paying millions to tell me what was cool, so I just stopped listening and went with what was good music. Turns out that when my parents said they didn't "get" today's music, they weren't just being old. After Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, or the Eagles - or most other classic rock - I just don't have any interest in these "musicians" whose only talent is image. Singing is fixed up and nobody plays (or even uses) instruments any more, so what's left? And the lyrics... Jesus. Why even bother having them if they're awful? I'd say get off my lawn, but I'm only 19 so I don't have one yet. "You run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking/And racing around to come up behind you again/The sun is the same, in a relative way, but you're older/Shorter of breath and one day closer to death"

legitney 0

#169 well if he has a kinect he doesnt need the controllers. JUSSTT SAYIN.

dudeitsdanny 9

Get some Brand New in your system: It might restore your faith in music.

169, you're an idiot. xbox's kick ass. they're amazing. wii cannot compare. 275, you're my hero.

LaughAtLaugh 7

my mom died listening to Justin Beiber ....

275 is where it's at

fencer49- I swear, a first glance, I thought your pic said FML.

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Just take away the XBox.

eezypeezylifeisb 0

If you didn't buy an x-box for your son in the first place or let him buy one and plat it. Then you wouldn't have to take away things because you've turned him into a gamer who fails school... THUS resulting in you having your meds and a smarter son. YDI

#102 you deserve to be a diabetic with no medication. I'm not sure if you have a speech impediment that interferes with your typing ability or your just mentally retarded, but being a gamer does not diminish your intellect.

^have to agree, I've played games since I was 6/7 and I'm considered very smart :3 woah there, don't go to extremes, you don't want him going through diabetic ketoacidosis, I've gone through it twice, nearly dieing from lack of insulin hurts :( but barfing up a considerable amount of blood is a major gore desensitiser for 10 year olds ^~^ ( ah memories)

1waytoolive 1

wow extreme^

eezypeezylifeisb 0

it's called auto correct you idiot. And I wasn't saying games diminish your intellect. It is called studying. You can't study if you are gaming now can you. Thanks for coming out and showing your stupidity and ignorance, I am a diabetic and I have gone with no meds. The point I was making was playing video games = no studying. No studying = failing......

tbone666 0

a true gamer can still find time for stuff like that

eezypeezylifeisb 0

haha good one! You must feel so smart because you are a graduating senior. I hope you don't write such idiotic acronyms in your essays. Grow up.

You don't have to study to pass or get good grades. All through high school and first couple of semesters of college I never studied just paid attention and got better grades than most if not all of the other students in all of my classes

magic99 3

191, you're making such generalized statements it's unreal.. I am an avid gamer, I never study, and I still make straight a's and was accepted to several private colleges honor programs. intellect doesn't come from studying, information does. they're not the same thing.

eezypeezylifeisb 0

I just love stirring the pot and seeing people take it so personally even though it's a website based on life being ******. Great social study.

Would y'all just shut up?

Pilotchick 8

My brother and I both play games nearly 24/7 but we are also both straight A and 4.0 students.

xJordieeBearhhx 0

lmfao way to tell him.

xJordieeBearhhx 0


4XxXo_OxXx4 0

you love trolling people on the Internet? and I never study and get straight A's

eezy is trolling youre all so sillies

The only thing that bugs me in this thread is why is everyone assuming that the OP is the one who bought the X-Box? The kid could have gotten it from his mother, grandparents, aunts or uncles, any number of other relatives, the family friend, or he could have saved up money to buy it himself. My first games system was a Nintendo my grandparents gave me. I got my first Playstation from my father but I lived with my mother. My PS2 was a gift from my sister and her now ex-fiance. Etc... My point is simply that unless the OP says flat out that they bought the X-Box than there is still the chance that they had nothing to do with the kid having it.

emmanizzer 6

i don't study. i spend all my time playing video games and reading badass books (yes, books ARE badass) and i get straight b's. go me. :)

NoFackYourLife 0

No, being a gamer doesn't diminish intellect, you retarded ****, but it obviously keeps the kid awake at night, which prevents him from being able to stay awake in class. You need to be sterilized to save humanity, look into it.

eezypeezy-whatevathefuck, just don't talk. You're only getting yourself moderated. So just FO.

zowieandzander77 1

guys the OP said her son was falling asleep in class not that he was getting bad grades. being a gamer doesn't make you dumb but it also doesn't make you invincible, you still need sleep.

u dumb ass. she did it so her kid might not fall asleep in class and maybe he'll turn out to b smarter than you.

Last time my controllers were taken, I just waited it out until I got them back again the week after... I mean like, he still has the internet.

TheFlook 0


I don't suppose that just imposing a curfew on him would've been out of the question..? It might've made him less likely to hide your things as revenge, and make him understand discipline... The latter of which he definitely needs.

Byah 2

A parent shouldn't have to anticipate vengeful acts from their own child; if the kid takes revenge, it's not the parent's fault for not administering some other form of punishment. I mean, who'd expect their kid to hide their diabetes medication?

I assumed the OP would know his son, therefore he should know if he acts like a brat sometimes. The kid needs discipline, but you'd have thought the OP would know what kind of reaction he'd get from his son. Maybe not as serious as this, but whether or not he'd have done something as payback.

Byah 2

I see what you're saying, but parenting shouldn't have to be a battle, where opposing forces make strategic moves. Kid does something wrong, you administer whatever you think the proper punishment is. If he takes vengeance, it's not your fault that he's an idiot. I'm sure OP's learned from this incident, though, lol.

chogle 8

Take it from Cinn. I'm sure the 20 year old with no kids knows so much about parenting.

mocohall 6

you dont have kids I'm assuming cinn

wrong. parenting is about showing your supremancy without showin it. making your kid know your his boss will make him hate you. but if the kid doesn't know it and follows u for other reason you won. because your kid doesn't want to snuff you when u sleep with a pillow. and they listen to you. and maybe love u. but pointing it out to them your the king would only result in anger. just my opion. grammar Nazis please stay away. ignorance is a bliss.

Byah 2

It can mean "Original Poster" or "Original Post". In this case, we both meant "Original Poster" as in the dude who submitted this FML. The terms come from message boards/forums, where it's easier to refer to the guy who started a thread as the OP, rather than whatever the username is.

Byah - That is true. I just thought that the OP should've known how much of a brat his kid could be. Maybe not expecting him to steal his medication, but maybe enough to expect some sort of 'revenge' act. Chogle & Mocohall - Where did I say that I was definitely 100% right? No, I don't have kids, and I get that I don't know a lot about being a parent, but I'm fairly certain my parents know how I'd react to a lot of things. Though granted I'd never pull such a stupid stunt as the kid in the FML. GrahamAker - Parenting does sometimes involve punishment. A kid has to know what's right and what's wrong, and obviously the best outcome would being able to do that would be without the kid realising, but it doesn't really work like that. And sometimes a parent has to put their foot down, which yes could well result in getting the kid angry and irritated, but most kids wouldn't dare react in the way this kid did because they should know better (especially if they're old enough to be able to get to the medicine cabinet).

cinn, you are so mf ugly. just sayin


Oh, geez, myyprincessxo, that's really the best thing you could think to say? Do you go around saying that to people in real life? Do you really think everyone in the world is as shallow as you clearly are? Grow up before you bother attacking me, because then you might stand a blooming chance. Mushyluvsu - Yeah, it seems like it is, but you know, it's good training for jobs and uni being just as early. And it makes you appreciate weekend lie-ins so much more. :)

190: It has been proven that waking up before 8 is unhealthy and puts you to a greater risk of heart problems. And with all the homework they give us, its impossible to go to sleep early ( not that I could anyways, I have a delayed sleeping pattern, like most teens ) and they expect us to wake up at 6, have our brain work for school, be awake for after school activities like dance, then have a shit load of homework?

oblio 0

mushyluvsu, Does your mommy ever tell you to stop whining like a baby? I'm not asking for myself, it's part of a scientific study.

4XxXo_OxXx4 0

WRONG. Cinn always wins

emmanizzer 6

oblio - did your mother ever teach you "if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all"? obviously not

Mushy - When you say it's been proven, did all the people go to bed at the same time, or did they test all times? Just curious because I thought that it was a certain amount of sleep (an average of 8hrs a night) that you were supposed to have and the times were irrelevent. I'm aware of the amount of homework school gives, and I actually look back on it fondly as I've got a lot more at uni. Though I must admit I never needed to get up as early as six.

OP needs to open a can of whoop-ass on his son. Kids won't respect their parents without some measure of fear. Be that fear of parental disappointment, punishment, etc. Even in the most functional families, kids fear their parents. Being their best friend won't teach them anything. If it were my kid, I'd hold a hammer over his XBox until I got the meds back.

fmlbtard 0

stfu u ugly *****

ya I get up at 5:30 every day and spend nearly 8 hours on my homework for school every night I am taking two AP classes and school today is just completely ridiculous I'd like more than 5 hours of sleep a night....=P

284: Yes, I watched a Science Channel documentary about the body clock and sleep, and it does matter durring what time of day you sleep.

If it matters what time you go to bed, surely you can just go to bed earlier... I might have misunderstood your meaning, but I think that's what you mean.

cinn you do realize that most teens don't go to bed before ten right? and most wouldn't want to go to bed earlier for fearing that they'll miss out on some important text from someone. this goes for the younger kids too...

abceasyas123abc 12

What a spiteful little sod..

thebestof1984 0

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Dumb ass...the little shit does not need to get those back. Especially after hiding important medication.

thebestof1984 0

Ummm, dumb ass..... If she wants her medication give the little shit his controller!!!! After she gets the medication beat the crap out of him with the remote.......

agreed with 65 if I ever did that to my mom or dad as a kid my would red for a week!!

Avenged7Gabe 0

I agree with #40

it's not that simple, diabetes medicine has to be refrigerated so it's probably ruined!

I'm not sure what type op is but insulin doesn't need refrigeration, it lasts less than 6 months but it will be WELL used up by then, this is assuming op has type 1, like me -diabetic for 6/16 years

mattmadden 0

Umm DOUBLE DUMB ASS OP is a guy that's what the blue upside down arrow means. Sorry had to say it... :)

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goodfella925 0

**** that, smash that xbox to the side of his head:/

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hOcKeYjOcK23 0


mygreenhoodie 0

you say that with a frowny face like you are ashamed of yourself..

askmeboutmyweine 0

no **** that.

if the kid took away OPs meds for hiding the controller what do you think will happen if you do that

then play chicken with him. I guarantee you can last longer without diabetes medication than a kid can without his Xbox.

lexii_darling 0

I have diabetes, you can barely survive two days wthout insulin if your pancreas does not produce it.

agreed, I only lasted 17 hours without my insulin and took a week to recover :( 5 years after the last diabetic ketoacidosis when I was diagnosed >_<

the kid will crack after a few hours, no doubt

oh shut up. I only made it a few hours. QQ more, please. He's still right about the kid breaking first. and its not like she can't just go to Wally World and buy more meds. her little bastard isn't going to walk there to buy an xbox controller with money he doesn't have. use your brains.

Crafty little swine

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OPs kid is just evil, it happens, if OP deserves a ydi consider the fact that if op can't find her meds/insulin in a few hours she's going to be in ER or dead...

The parent deserves to potentially die just because the kid can't be bothered to go to bed at a decent time? That's some ****** up logic, 12.