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By ashamed father - 09/03/2014 22:32 - Canada - Brampton

Today, I found out that my 15-year-old son is a prolific creator of My Little Pony themed hentai. I'm not a judgmental man, but he's probably going to hell. FML
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Yeah, you don't sound judgmental at all...

if my son was doing that I'd be pretty judgmental too, that's just weird on too many levels


Yeah, you don't sound judgmental at all...

if my son was doing that I'd be pretty judgmental too, that's just weird on too many levels

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gingaa96 18

Ok. He may not be as judgmental as a lot of you guys think. One version of Hentai is ****, so I'm guessing the Hentai his son writes may be pornographic? If that's the case, which it seems to be given Op's wording, it's not a bad for OP to say that..

I'm pretty sure OP was referring to "furry ****"

All this "brony", "furry", and "hentai" sh*t is weird and stupid. If you like the kind of stuff, then you need some help. Honestly, I support people having their own opinions, but that sh*t is f*cked up. If you're a supporter of stuff like that, then please do the world a favor and get rid of your internet.

I don't like hentai or ****, but what should it matter? It doesn't affect you in anyway, he's just doing a hobby. i'd be ashamed and judgemental if my child did worse things than writing about ****.

#33oh then on that level of thought it wouldn't matter if killing, stealing, and drugs interested someone.

gingaa96 18

@138 Not all of it, but even still that's what I referred to so idk what's your prob

******* excuse me. Furrys are not bronies. And That's just nasty.

I think #33 raised a valid point. If OP’s son is old enough to create hentai **** (I assume it is something pornographic) he should have the right to express himself. He doesn’t hurt anyone no matter whether OP understands his fantasies or not. The only thing that gets hurt are his father’s feelings.

Uh #134? "If it makes him happy and he's not hurting anyone then let him be." I guess you missed the "not hurting anyone" part.

#81? Do you even know what a "brony" is?

It's a person who's a fan of my little pony. Not weird or wrong. Also bronies aren't furries.

Sexually mature humans sometimes like to watch ****. Get over it.

Who ******* cares if its WEIRD. Grow up. Almost everyone is weird, but if they're not hurting anyone, then its fine! I'd rather be totally weird but nice to everyone than be 'normal' and make others feel bad about their interests. Besides, by weird, you probably mean 'not what most people do' and 'something I would totally dislike'. Well, I dislike cream of wheat. I think its gross. But does that give me a right to be judgmental to people who love cream of wheat? No, because we all like different things and that's whats great about Earth: diversity. We're all different, both on the outside AND on the inside. So if you are disgusted with MLP hentai, just like I find cream of wheat disgusting, then here's what you do: don't freaking eat it! Leave it to the people who DO like it. And don't make them feel bad about liking it either. You wouldn't like if they made you feel about interests you have.

simplysarcastics 26

The right word for this is not "weird"... As a kid I watched mlp and knowing that people make all this perverted stuff, just tarnishing my childhood makes me so uneasy.. I still love spongebob but dear God I am not making spongie ****.

@150, 138 is right. He was also referring to how you said "one version" of hentai is ****. No, all hentai is ****.

#184 What the ****? What kind of argument is that? If no one gets hurt, it's okay? and you seriously just used cream of wheat as an analogy.

Its actually a quite good argument. Why should it not be ok if its not hurting anyone? Its his business drawing that stuff. The age is another question though.

Octwo 16

So many people up in arms defending their interest in children's shows using communal terms and labels. Interest or non-interest in these things doesn't determine normality. Normal people eventually grow out of it and move on to more mature things later in life, then look back with fondness (or sometimes embarrassment) on the silly and stupid shows you used to love. We do and watch stupid shit when we're young, it's part of life. Get over it and let people be. I sincerely believe most people retain interest in these things just because it pisses you off so much.

#61 One version? All hentai is ****. Not all anime is, but all hentai is.

#114 I think the issue is not so much the ****, but that he's taking a sweet, innocent kids' cartoon and making **** with it.

#92 although I agree with your main point, nobody calls a guy that likes drawing animals a furry. And though I know technically that a furry might not get sexual when they are dressed as an animal, that is mostly what makes people think they're weird.

mattdaviess 6

#134 Learn to a full sentence before you go on the attack.

Holy shit you guys like correcting each other!

What you didn't acknowledge was that he said, "doesn't hurt anyone." That's the difference.

I can tell that plenty of people disagree with you, which is kind of sad.

#184 as a parent, he has every right to tell his son what is and isn't appropriate. and if you don't like it then hate ll you want but that won't change a doggone thing. that isn't an "interest", it's just nasty.

#92, just saying, but Hentai is also the Japanese word for pervert. I guess that's why they call anime and manga **** Hentai...

Dswank620 18

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InfernoVivo 12

I'm pretty sure his man card was revoked with force.

Am I the only one who is surprised this kind of stuff even exists? I mean I know people have their preferences, but I never knew they can be so..... let's say weird.

TheDrifter 23

Animated, interspecies erotica featuring characters portrayed as most definitely below the age of majority? Not only is that weird and more than a little creepy, it may also be a felony depending on where you are. But don't tell the Bronies, they're prone to extensive online tirades towards anything that threatens their animated spank bank.

REALAfroninga 11

If it exists, there's a **** for it. Learn your life rules. @ #213

Some teens are into real ****, so at least his is animated.

*cloppers. This one kid raised a big stink about discerning between the two last time Ponies came up.

frizz101 22

Bronies are good, they aren't into weird my little pony **** (that is wrong on so many levels)

As an unashamed Brony, I can say that the majority of us don't want anything to do with this messed up kid. Even we look down on cloppers just like the rest of you.

people are strange #127. I thought this was established a long time ago.

BradTheBrony 19

Yeah, I know, judging people for what they like. So forward-thinking. Just take my life motto into mind before you ever say anything, ever: "You don't have to be into it, but don't be a judgmental ******** about it either."

RedPillSucks 31

People make judgements all the time. That's what all animals do. You don't want to find out AFTER you've been raped or stabbed that the people you're around have problems. OP sounds like he's trying to be reasonable, but his sons actions crossed a "line". Every body has that "line". It's just different for each person.

Why not just say "Oh well" and move on? It doesn't hurt you.

jojj351 12

umm that's actually very judgmental

I was going to dislike but then I saw -69 and figured it was too good to ruin

Yes, it IS very judgmental, yet everyone is disliking any post saying that the father was being judgmental. Why is that? Someone answer me with something other than 'its too weird'. I mean, seriously people. Okay, I know no one is on this site for serious thinking, but take a moment to turn your brains back on and ask yourself, "what is TRULY wrong with MLP hentai?" and define 'wrong' while you're at it because if you think 'weird' = 'wrong', then you need to reassess some things, don't you? Here's some things that are wrong: genocide, taking away food as punishment for kids, being racist sexist or hophobic, animal abuse, beating up the smaller kids on the playground...etc. You get the idea, right? But if someone goes on the internet and goes on to a site specific for MLP hentai, what is so bad about that? Is the bad part that you think its gross? Well I think most **** is gross, but if YOU enjoy it, and its not hurting anyone, then why would I want to insult you for liking something I dislike? Seriously, what you guys do hurts people. That is a form of bullying, and I'm almost certain none of you intend to be bullies. Support one another! Help people back up, don't throw them down!

simplysarcastics 26

Shoot If I was a parent I would want my child to stay away from perverse things, and would be as judgemental as I damn well wanted! If my neice did this I woyld judge not because its just weird but because its so perverse... Creating ****, let alone cartoon animal **** does not sit well with me dude.

Zverina 20

Too much wall of text. But that crap is wrong because I believe it is wrong and of you try telling me that I cannot judge someone, then damn, you are ignorant.

Beepbeep7 14

Ever heard of ***********? Would you be prepared to defend someone who enjoyed ******* chickens? THAT is why it's wrong. It is not meant for humans to take a liking to animals and that is what this is, animated or not. Who's to say that the kid won't grow up thinking 'hey, since I enjoyed it so much when I was younger, I'm gonna go whack off to a real live horse.'and then maybe he enjoys that too and decides 'hey,I'm gonna go **** a horse' would you then be prepared to defend him for that? Get your priorities straight #186 before assuming people are just judgmental.

mlp **** isn;t *********** and doesn't cause it. it's perfectly normal to be attracted to anything the person feels attracted too. so long as they do not break the law

dannnngthatsux 19

As a dad, I have to jump on the father. "I don't mean this to be " sexist, racist, rude, unkind, mean, ... According to the bible I read judgement is for God. I understand not wanting to encourage this, sometimes really weird things lead to far worse things, but IT'S drawings. Of creatures that don't exist. Yes, a lot of us perceive then as replacements for children, but they aren't children. That dog is not your baby. it's a dog. If you want to worry, worry about the kid drawing mlps wounding and killing each other. Worry about the kid who spends weeks, even months blasting and delighting in the slaughter of 'humans' on screen. Who watches thousands of hours of people splattering on tv and movies.

Beepbeep7 14

It is a sick fascination that can indeed turn into something more. For example, Jeffrey dahmer was fascinated with dead animals and killing live ones and he went on the be a killer. If an idea is accepted and nurtured, it's the same as saying it is ok. And #366 Who are you to attack the dad?? It's HIS child and he has every right to judge something that his son does.

DarkSaul 20

What's with the brony community nowadays?

XD says the guy with a Rainbow Dash profile pic

tehdarkness 21

Says the guy that recognized which MLP was used in the pic.

do not put bronies and cloppers together

Look I've never seen nor ever had an interest in mlp but it doesn't take a genius to figure out which one is rainbow dash. I mean COME ON; the pony has RAINBOW hair.

DarkSaul 20

Umm Castiel... I'm sorry if i'm mean but what are you talking about?:/

It still amazes me that a young fandom with plenty of furries around never once thought to ask them about mistakes it could avoid repeating. Case in point: using goofy jargon for sexual content in an attempt to set yourself apart from it does NOT have the effect you hope for. Don't say "clopper," don't even try to imply that there's anyone who honestly self-identifies with that word, or you'll find it following you around like it's chained to your neck soon enough.

#38 No dumbass. Hes part of the community and saying, as a member, "what is wrong with it?" Like an American would say what is up with our nation nowadays?

#48- I'm a Creepy Pasta fan, not an MLP fan. "There's a Creepy Pasta on MLP? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?". If that's going through your mind right now, Google it. You'll find a ton of results.

So it's perfectly fine to be judgmental and ashamed, yourself. Maybe you need to rethink your definition of "judgmental".

simplysarcastics 26

Look we are all judgemental of something. Me myself I dislike perverts, pedophiles, racists etc and wish they would burn in hell but hey they are still people... horrible people but people. -_-Its hard not to judge but if we dont judge how can we give opinions??? If I found out my child had kiddie **** or animal **** I would seek out counsling cause that shit escalates! People would rather let their kids be very disturbed than help them.

It could be worse, I found out the other day that my little brother writes 'Gay Twilight Slasher Fiction'.

Are there Straight Twilight Fiction? Of any kind?

C7_fml 17

You should post a fml about that

FML is for stories of things that suck. Not stories of when your little brother has weird interests. I'm sure you have weird interests too.

I'd read that if this means Edward gets fist-f***ed to death

Yes, 106. There actually is. It's called Fifty Shades of Grey. Google it before you thumb me down.

RedPillSucks 31

@Thunderstruck. Not everyone is into weird stuff.

#217 at least Grey doesn't sparkle. But that's about the only difference. Hahahaha

Though my personal opinion is that My Little Pony is meant for 8 year old girls, you're still being rude for saying your own son is going to hell for his own personal likings. (No matter how strange)

His own personal liking is making my little pony **** though

What if my own personal liking is the devil?

byEyecandy 10

many people make this **** because its what the masses want.

your user pic leads me to believe it may not be the masses who want it

asnakelovinbabe 16

Hmmmmm.... #95 is a 15 year old male with a pony avatar and is saying people make pony **** because the masses want pony ****. OP's son... IS THAT YOU?!

What is the appeal in a child's cartoon pony perform sex acts? To me it sounds like a strange version of child ****.. :/

simplysarcastics 26

Right on #190!!!! I think people have someone confused weird with another word. To me weird means different and if you watch or create disturbing stuff you are not weird you are perverse.

RedPillSucks 31

@202. You're right, of course. However, consider that in every subsequent generation, this that were weird become less so. Things that we feel are nearly normal today would have been weird or perverse 100 to 200 years ago. Of course the opposite is also true.

Prett sure he was saying it as a figure of speech. Hes not actually condemning his son to hell.

dannnngthatsux 19

Then as long as no one else gets hurt, worship him all you want! God gives us free will for a reason. I don't believe in magic or Wicca or Allah, doesn't make me bad. Evil acts, selfishness, judgementalism, this I read in my bible is evil. Anyone ever notice how Jesus never went after the average sinner? The thing that pissed him off most was people thinking they are better because they..... (whatever...) It was those that said 'hey, look at this guy, he's sinning and we're not!' To the adultering woman I believe he said "where are your judges?" "there are none" "neither do I judge you go and commit sin no more."

dannnngthatsux 19

#190 Why in the would would you watch someone's drawings of animals that can never exist for 30 minutes? Why in the world would you listen to human voices coming from pretend horses' mouths. Isn't that a corruption of reality? Why would you ever want to see a human being killed in an explicit fashion? Why would you ever want to witness the intimate (sex) moments of two people you will never meet nor are you married or in love with either of them?

It's a fetish of sorts.Ever go on Rule 34?So many people post so much **** that contains cartoon characters,including Disney!And I agree with that father.Bronies are going to Hell.Period.

Your son is awesome! I am a 15 year old girl and my family isn't ashamed of what I do for the ponies. BROHOOF FROM A FELLOW BRONY

I don't know about you but when I think of awesome it surely isn't about a 15 year old boy making pony hentai...

You're missing the part about hentai......

DarkSaul 20

If you're a girl... Aren't you a pegisister (pegisista??)? A brony is a guy.

47, I like the term "brony" better. Like how "best bros" can refer to whoever, whereas "best sisters" just sounds off.

The girls get to choose which they want. And me being gay I pick to be a BRONY!

No. I am gay and girls can choose to be the original name given (Brony) or girly ******* name (Pegasister) I am a Brony and always will be

Nope, brony means you're a guy into MLP. Doesn't matter if gay or straight, you're not a brony unless you're a guy.

Just let people call themselves what they want, gendered nouns are outdated anyway.

#10, are you missing the part about pony hentai even after these people have pointed it out to you? Pony hentai as in the bane of the existence of every single person who genuinely enjoys the show itself? -_- Please, don't encourage the hentai! The fandom is already bad enough.