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Today, I waited in line at a drive-through behind a man for ten minutes. I got out of my car, cursed at him, and then asked him to give me one good reason why it would take that long to order. The man slowly explained to me that he had a stutter. FML
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Wow you are sad... Get your sorry ass of this site and learn some patience and common courtesy. You people make me sick and I hope something like that, and hopefully worse happens to you so you can feel what that man felt... Sit the fuck down and get off this site... You inconsiderate asshole.

  mrguy266  |  0

Yeah I have a couple friends that had stutters, it also sucks because you made a grown man cry, AND he even was so sad he didn't get his bitch.

  mustafa_fml  |  0

ok stfu all of u. this site runs and fmls like this. if ops were to listen to all of the people reading fmls constint bitching then this site wouldn't exist. it's an fml cause he feels like shit for doing what he did. it's normal to get mad over something like this you guys would do the same.

  avkdude  |  0

I forgot that this site is only for people that have never made a mistake in their life. he didn't make fun of the guy on purpose or anything, he obviously felt like shit after that happened. maybe u should shut the fuck up, stop being a completely PC douche that nobody likes and get the uck out of this site.

  ryansims  |  0

this is not an fml for you it is an fml for the dude you acted a fool towards. and i guess you're a fat ass stupid bitch cause you couldn't be patient I'm drive thru at fast food.

  charlcielove  |  0

i work at a fast food restaurant and I hate it when people get mad at us for not giving them their food fast enough. especially since it's in n out and we make everything fresh. it takes 4 min and 30 sec to grill a burger and the same amount to make fries. you want fresh food or you want crap fast?



People are in a hurry way too much and get pissed off over every single thing when driving or what not.

Any tiny incident causes people to roll down their windows screaming bloody mary and shaking fists before the full situation can be understood. Well you deserved it OP.


no, FHL. you're the bitch with an angry problem. if you were in that big of a damn hurry then you should have gotten your lazy ass out of the car and went inside to order.

poor guy.

btw, it's not a mistake if the person stormed out of the damn car to cuss them out. that's intentional and fucking stupid. so don't stand up for the prick by yelling at all the commenters when it clearly isn't a silly mistake. the op is a douche.


woww , youreee a dumbb selfisshh impatientt obesee ugglyy stupidd retartedd idiotiicc bitch . <3
seriously though, have some patience? cant you wait just an extra 10 minutess for youre mcdonalds? fatty.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I just want to point out again that he might've stayed in his car out of embarrassment. Let's be honest, people don't go for fast food in order to wait for their food. People inside would've been just as impatient and he would've been able to see them huffing and puffing and possibly jeering and leering.

Also, it is sometimes easier for people with a stutter to talk to machines instead of people.

  kitty0910  |  0

You are an insensitive piece of shit. Tere is no reason to get out of your car and cuss someone out. Fuck you OP. You don't feel bad at all about this do you? If you did you wouldn't be on here looking for sympathy and attention. You posted as "anonymous" because you knew you fucked up and didn't want people coming after your sorry ass. Kharma is a bitch, and you will get yours.

  LegitDGK  |  0

umm it's not her fault it was probably a long day and she was prob tired. do u think she is psychic or something? She can't read sum1s mind she didn't know that he has a stutter. u ppl would do the same thing u just think ur tough online while u sit at ur computers. also a man wouldn't be a pussy and cry bout it. he could spit into her face or sumthing but crying... fucking queer

  fmlrage  |  0

where he would be in public and in front of people that would have made him uncomfortable and they probably would have
made fun of him too. this was prolly the least embarrassing way for him.

  Krissibunnie  |  0

karma is totally going to get back at you why even say something like that? maybe now you will have kids with stutters and experience the hardships have dealing with a stutter first hand

  Dc040583  |  6

Oh I dunno, while I agree that the OP was perhaps less restrained than he might have been, it is every person's responsibility to find workarounds for their own disabilities.

In the case of the stutterer, would it have been so hard to write his order down on a piece of paper BEFORE driving up to the restaurant, so that he didn't hold everyone else up? Sure, he has a disability and that fact is not his fault, but that doesn't mean he gets to screw everyone else's schedules up because he refuses to find a proper way to deal with it.

I don't know if I'd have done any better in the OP's shoes.

  Sonotsuave  |  33

totally agree with you. op you bitch you need to calm the fuck down and understand that life doesn't revolve around you, nor will the world end if you get something you want two fucking seconds later instead of one. Hope you learned your lesson

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

They've never made me wait until after i order. Those teases...

OP- If you don't like waiting, get your fat ass out of the car and go order inside. If you're gonna get fastfood and bitch about having to wait, at least walk 20 steps to the counter. Burn off one of the fries.