By some band player - 10/03/2014 02:09 - United States - Highland Park

Today, I had a music duet in front of a crowd and 3 judges. I play tuba and my partner plays the saxophone. He burst out laughing in the middle of it because one note that I played sounded like a fart. FML
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I'm sorry you have such an immature partner

friedpwnadge 25

Wow, what an idiot. As a college piano major I give my tender sympathies that such people even exist.

You seem very emotional about this number 3.

friedpwnadge 25

I am indeed. It's a shame some people don't take music seriously.

Exactly, and his partner should be used to the tuba making fart-like noises

PassiveAggresive 12

I agree. If people don't take what they create seriously, then the outcome definitely won't be as great.

You guys might want to consider taking the benefit of the doubt. Maybe his partner was just nervous and this time burst out laughing. I mean no doubt he's heard the "fart" noise on the tuba before.

friedpwnadge 25

In nearly a decade as a performer, I've seen some horrifying things. 'Murica is the worst place to try to get people to seriously appreciate art.

TheDrifter 23

You're being thumbed down, they must have finally figured out that 'Murcia is an insult aimed at them. About time, it was starting to get old.

buttcramp 21

51, you're kind of an asshole. Don't generalize. "'Murica" is something Americans use too as a joke towards uneducated people, racists, rednecks, etc. Sure, the U.S. has a ton of ignorance or other issues but what country doesn't?

Pstraka6 20

Clearly someone isnt as mature as you. I wouldnt let that get to you, remember the judges aren't critiquing you on fart noises! For all you know it might have helped you! Keep working hard

buttcramp 21

I want to know if they're being judged as a team or as individuals. If they're being judged separately, OP doesn't have it so bad. Still, it sucks though!

Sounds like you hit a flat note... Flatulence.

HowAreYouToday 34

The judges must have been a-gas-t.

Your performance should have gone fart-her.

At least you looked like the more mature one of the group.

see this is why you must ride solo in the future.

One note? Don't you mean all of them?

Promo793 4

Most people think the tuba just makes fart noises, and as a tuba player, I want to point out that it only sounds like that when you screw a up on a note, other wise it sounds pretty normal for a brass instrument

Pareidolia101 15

Sometimes...I wish I can fart music. Farts are usually least they are for me. But there are times when being immature is not okay, and that was one of those times. FYL

You never know, maybe the judges thought it was funny too.