By some band player - United States - Highland Park
Today, I had a music duet in front of a crowd and 3 judges. I play tuba and my partner plays the saxophone. He burst out laughing in the middle of it because one note that I played sounded like a fart. FML
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  Lacist  |  19

You guys might want to consider taking the benefit of the doubt. Maybe his partner was just nervous and this time burst out laughing. I mean no doubt he's heard the "fart" noise on the tuba before.

  buttcramp  |  21

51, you're kind of an asshole. Don't generalize. "'Murica" is something Americans use too as a joke towards uneducated people, racists, rednecks, etc. Sure, the U.S. has a ton of ignorance or other issues but what country doesn't?

By  Pstraka6  |  20

Clearly someone isnt as mature as you. I wouldnt let that get to you, remember the judges aren't critiquing you on fart noises! For all you know it might have helped you! Keep working hard

  buttcramp  |  21

I want to know if they're being judged as a team or as individuals. If they're being judged separately, OP doesn't have it so bad. Still, it sucks though!

  Promo793  |  4

Most people think the tuba just makes fart noises, and as a tuba player, I want to point out that it only sounds like that when you screw a up on a note, other wise it sounds pretty normal for a brass instrument

By  Pareidolia101  |  15

Sometimes...I wish I can fart music. Farts are usually least they are for me.

But there are times when being immature is not okay, and that was one of those times. FYL