By bestiality? do I look like a pig? - 26/05/2013 20:50 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I borrowed my boyfriend's laptop. Out of curiosity, I clicked through the bookmarks in his web browser. One of them took me to a site dedicated to sex stories featuring characters from My Little Pony. FML
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Sure....out of curiosity. Not trying to invade his privacy or anything. However, the my little pony **** is a little disturbing.

My little porny.


Sure....out of curiosity. Not trying to invade his privacy or anything. However, the my little pony **** is a little disturbing.

Nooooo actually it's a sign of good mental health

Maybe he was just horsing around on his computer.

Well he likes it so

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Why care? This is a presumably an 18+ male who wanks it to cartoon ponies. Would you want to be dating someone like that?

Pwn17 25

Seriously, that's almost as bad as the Sonic fanfics. Almost.

at least now she knows what toy he would like to get for Christmas since santa is not coming home anymore.. Rudolph is afraid of him

Not dismissing the fact its considerably odd, but why assume 18+? Teenagers don't care about age policies. Even to prove I'm over 18 on steam they still simply have a birthdate input, anyone can fake that unless they can't count.

111, Maybe she could get the infamous Lyra plush from eBay. Though I think that one even disgusts ponyfuckers.

OP's username MAKES this FML.

pony up kids, we're in for a rough ride

that's a good thing actually, it means he has good mental health and is attracted by the personality of someone/something, and not the looks

@89, I'd say its a little worse, on the basis that at least sonic characters are designed to be somewhat humanoid, and the women wear clothes and have breasts. Where as for the ponies, thats straight-up horse wanking. Both are a tad weird though, in my personal opinion, but to each his own.

I'm a brony, and I approve this message.

131 im lmfao at the lyra plush i just googled it and thats exactly what Op needs for her little boyfriend

I have to give you props on that one xD

I am a brony and I approve of this post

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Ah, Bronies...

Okay that's called a Brony. Not sure what I am? I remember in grade school seeing a classmate's drawing of Smurfette getting gang banged by all the smurfs while Gargarmel looked on. Now every time I hear "I'm blue DA BA DE DA BA DI" I get that weird special feeling. :P Can't even drink Hypnotic Liquor. ):

I think 48 is trying to communicate...

Can someone explain to me what #48 is trying to say?

61- I believe he is aroused by the Smurfs. Interesting, but hey, everyone's got their thing.

Hey now, don't pin this on the main herd! Cloppers freak the majority of us out just like y'all (that minority is the cloppers themselves O.o).

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Your comment was way better than the fml itself, 48. Lol. You also got that song stuck in my head..

Not all bronies are like this. This is the first time I've heard of an actual clopper.

perdix 29

#48, I'm guessing this gave you a different understanding of the concept of "blue balls?"

Inediblepeaches 15

Okay, thats kind of annoying. I'm a brony and I find **** of the characters disgusting. OP's boyfriend is a CLOPPER. Not a brony and NOT to be thought of as the whole fan base of MLP. Cloppers are a small percent of the fandom, but sadly, the most documented. In ANY fandom, there will be ****. Ever heard of rule 34? Yeah, it applies for everything. Hell, I've seen YahooxGoogle sexualized. The Internet is weird, and until you can accept that, don't judge people.

perdix 29

#87, I took the liberty of creeping your profile. You're a chick! You can't be a Brony, you're a Pegasister!

Quite clever Perdix.

"Brony" is considered a unisex term

BlackBlazeCobra 16

87- overreaction much? I actually MLP too. I could classify myself as a Brony/Pegasister too, and honestly if I meant ALL Bronies, I would have said "ALL Bronies/every Brony is like that" but I know very well they are not. Just sayin.

hinamori_amu 4

Cloppers, their actually the minority of the fandom

perdix 29

#165, do you have data to back that up? Is there a Brony census that assesses the prevalence of Clopperdom? Also, maybe you assholes should learn the difference between "their," "they're" and "there," instead of wasting time watching little girls' cartoons.

I used to respect you, perdix. Now I have no reason to. You're a judgemental asshole who's obviously intolerant of anything that's not considered "the norm." I'm surprised anyone thumbed that last comment of yours up, you prick.

strawberrywine22 30

179-I'm a Brony and I still like and respect Perdix...also, I am female and consider myself a Brony. Pegasister sounds like a hippie name.

Coming from a female brony, cloppers (people who watch pony **** and claim to be bronies) are looked down on by true bronies. Most of us refuse to associate with them. Some who do associate with them are also looked down on.

Look the whole basis of the bronies is that we tolerate everyone! Including cloppers. Have you ever heard the phrase "I'm gonna love and tolerate the shit out of you"? And every fandom has its shady corners I mean, there is some stuff that has made me curl into a ball and cry but that doesn't change my opinions! So try not to be like that ok:P

Be his little pony:3

Judging by OP's username, it doesn't look like she's going to be down with that...

More like pet his little pony. Lol

Or OP could get him that Lyra plushie...

My little porny.

Also has he not heard of incognito mode?

I decided to google that, because why not. It turned up a tumblr with that name. Dedicated to MLP ****.

10 - They were bookmarked, not in history.

That makes it even worse, amateur move.

147 - Not really. Nothing wrong with bookmarking your favourite **** videos or whatever else. It is his own laptop after all and what he does on it is nobody else's business.

50 Shades of Pinkie Pie.

AboveAll04 14

I'm here and waiting ;)

onorexveritas 23

oh baby

GALLOP seems more appropriate.

rttr 18

That's pretty... Kinky? Also, if you want to be able to look at your BF again without feeling awkward, buy brain bleach and never look at his history again.

MichellinMan 20

Not sure why so many thumbs down, but whatever.

If you value your relationship, never check your boyfriends browser history or bookmarks.

Exactly. I find it so disrespectful that she went through that. A girl/boyfriend that says you shouldnt hide anything is just nosey. We all need privacy. What I think pisses me off more is the fact that on an FML where OP makes a simple mistake that we're all guilty of its like 4000YDI and 100FYL but on this one where I see that she's clearly wrong and there are more FYL votes. Though some people find what she found ****** up, we're all also guilty of looking at ****** up things whether it be for 5 minutes or 5 years. :-/

He must be quite an interesting person..

Dreaming of *********** i see xD