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  sarianna  |  10

I'd guess a poodle-boxer mutt, just trying to sound fancy/expensive. Poodles get bred to freakin everything because backyard breeders want to make money.

  Marcella1016  |  31

Lol I bit the bullet and googled it. It’s actually a boxer-pug mix (also called a “Box-a-Pug” apparently).

I also was wondering what makes one cross-breed a “mix” and what makes one a “mutt.” Does it have to do with how cute the mix is? Because I also googled poodle boxer mix and it was not cute lol

  cacheson  |  41

A mutt is generally 3 or more different breeds, especially if one or more of the breeds in the mix is unknown. A mix is often 2 (occasionally more) breeds combined on purpose by a breeder (or someone trying to be a breeder).