By ShouldIHelpIt - United States - Northampton

Alas, poor Stuart

Today, I woke up to hear dripping water in the kitchen. Thinking it was someone getting a glass of water or something, I came out to find that it was just a mouse drowning in my dog's water bowl. FML
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By  hudnnidnspe  |  13

Today I decided to be spontaneous. I when on a walk to go get some fresh water for my darling wife. As I bent down to get some water from the watering hole I fell in. I guess its too late to take those swimming lessons. FML.

  Nyattack  |  14

I think the "just" was meant to be sarcastic (I would have flipped my shit if I ever saw that); and as much as I think animals should be respected, we honestly can't say the death of a mouse would have the same repercussions on its "family" and surroundings as the death of a human on theirs...

  Nyattack  |  14

I indeed think animals feel way more emotions than we suspect. However, most mammals don't stay together in groups such as families or even packs (mice don't). Therefore, the death of an individual will have much less impact around it than if it was part of a complex society like most humans are.