By annonymous - 18/06/2012 01:57 - United States

Today, my dad approached two girls at a store and told them I'd crashed into their car. They didn't find it funny either. FML
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What would possess him to do that? Like seriously? How is that even a good joke?


Thought I was losing my mind because it's not Fathers Day but then realized this was in America. Yay, not crazy after all!

Either your dad is a troll or he thinks he's helping you out to get the ladies. No one would find that funny, even as a pick up line. Good luck with your dad :-/.

I just imagined this FML as a troll comic.

Hopefully he told them he was joking.. :/

I really don't see how this is a joke. It doesn't even have the potential of being funny.

Your dad must like to joke but thats a little to far. FYL

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I think #5 means the dad wanted to get OP a girlfriend...I guess that plan sort of crashed and burned! Heehee, okay, I'll go stand in the corner now. T-T

Epickitty58 29

How is telling two strangers that your kid crashed into their cars helpful to anybody?

What would possess him to do that? Like seriously? How is that even a good joke?

Meant to thumb you down. This guy's dad is hilarious!

13- I guess I missed the hilarity somewhere. I wonder where I left my sense of humor... *backtracks through previous FMLs* Gee, I just can't seem to find the spot I dropped it at. -_-

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Because, after he lets them off the hook, he can apologize to them by offering to take them out for drinks. Then, he can have a three-way with them, which is hilarious!

If they're under 18, this is creepy. If they're at least 21, this is smooth. Ménage à trois!

perdix 29

He could only take them out for drinks if they could pass for 21, so let's go with smooth. Sorry, I bumped your friend's car in the parking lot. So, what's her name and do you like piña coladas?

Okay, smooth then. He might skip the piña coladas and go straight for the margaritas with extra tequila. (because that is the smooth thing to do!)

perdix 29

Then, margaritas for you it shall be. Is that what your friend likes, too? I want you both to have your favorite drinks because it's going to be a loooooonnnnggg night ;)

All girls love margaritas! Long nights mean more fun!

perdix 29

Good, 'cause I'll be done in about 8 minutes and then Twitter, Facebook and blog about it until the sun comes up. Maybe, even write an FML. "Today, I had a threesome with two hot chicks. Instead of letting me blog about it, they want me to come back to bed. FML."

What I love is that the blogging lasts longer than the actual threesome. Oh, and everyone would vote a YDI on that one. :)

perdix 29

I don't know, I think a lot of people would think I didn't deserve a threesome with two hot chicks :D

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Get a room! Here's my key... I'll be waiting

perdix 29

And make sure you follow me on Twitter. My account of the events will no doubt be sexier, hotter and more satisfying than my actual performance. My motto is:"Underpromise, then underdeliver."

Annoying as that is, be glad you have a humorous, loving father. Happy Father's Day!

Probably not the best way to break the ice haha

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If I were the girls I would be outraged and kicked something...

That solves everything, I wish I had thought of it myself.

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I'm pretty sure reactions like that call for a few therapy sessions for anger management. You might need to look into that.

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For kicking something you need therapy..... Really!