By Sassers - 03/12/2009 21:08 - United States

Today, I heard a loud crashing noise. I ran into the kitchen to see what it was. My cat had knocked over my fish bowl and had my Beta in her mouth. After scolding her and rescuing it, I decided to clean its bowl. When I went to dump some of the water in the sink, my fish went down the drain. FML
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riku3220 2

Why didn't you put in the stopper or put the fish in a cup?

I'm sure your cat was pissed you threw away a perfectly good meal.


riku3220 2

Why didn't you put in the stopper or put the fish in a cup?

For real. Have you never changed water from a fish bowl before?

Apparently they haven't. Which is really pathetic.

muahzzbaybee 0

i kno !! how could she not know how to change the water ? thats just gross the bowl was probably BLACK

totalbadass 0

Unless this fish was your grandmama reincarnated,.. it's just a fish, you'll survive.

perhaps it was alexsandraa's grandma LOL

you can't say its just a fish...they're animals with personality just as a dog or cat, its true they don't make noise but that doesn't make it different

It's just a fish , they aren't actually warm and snuggly. Blub blub let me sit on your lap while you pet me, gasp gsap die

so for you a pet should be warm and cuddly... what about birds, reptiles and molluscs? aren't they pets?

I'm going to hope that you're kidding about the molluscs. If not, no. Molluscs are not pets. No.

just cause you don't see them as pets, they are. philippines and china don't see dog and cats as pets, yet they are for us. so who is write? for me its both

Scynistr 20

Actually.. Some reptiles and birds can be quite attached to their owners.. A fish has about as much personality as an ant. You don't care too much about them when you accidentally step on them do you?

its just a fish? they have lifes and should be treated humanly. i could kill someone and tell his family its okay its just a human

some breed of fish are extremely expensive. they're not just a fish. they take time and care to raise. sure, OP will survive without the fish, same with people losing a dog or a cat, or a mom or a dad, doesn't mean they can't grieve.

aw that sucks.. I've actually done that before but saved it.. poor fishy

Today, I was just swimming around when a cat knocked me onto the ground and tried to eat me, then to make it worse my owner tried to kill me herself by dumping me down the drain. FML

nikerush2 0

I hate Beta fish. They fight and eat all the other fishes, so you have to keep them by themselves. Lame...

beta fish only eat other male betas not all fish

both of you are wrong...first of all its Betta, this is not some version of a program, and they only show some aggression (varies alot as character in these fish varies) to other males. and for your information there are alot of fish which are as territorial/more territorial than Bettas, for ez all chiclids, esp during mating and spawning...

well arent youu a geniuss. we arent in science class or anyything.

Not an excuse to be a retard. You don't have to be in school to use your brain.

Generally females kill the males actually... They only go well together when it's actually time for mating. My family always kept all of our bettas together and none of them fought or killed each other. They were even in the tank with goldfish and our plecostomus.

Don't worry; it'll go to the sewer, mutate into something horrible, and come back to visit you very soon. :]

Your fish probably would've died anyway. I had a pet mouse that I "rescued" from my cats mouth, many hours later it died after a very prolonged and painful death from what we eventually figured out were massive internal injuries. I suggest keep the cat and use the bowl for decoration sans another fish.

clsinwv 0

Ok, first of all, you guys need to learn to spell Betta. Next, #8, 5 is right. They kill any fish with fins. OP, sorry about ur loss.

glorbnakcs 0

I put my male Betta with my two goldfish. If anything, the Betta was afraid of the goldfish, but there was certainly no killing of any kind. According to the pet store owner with whom I spoke, Bettas only attack certain types of fish, and I saw that first-hand.

totalbadass 0

Yeah people need to stop commenting about stuff they don't know. Bettas, or siamese fighting fish, are first of all tropical fish so they shouldn't be kept with goldfish at all, which are coldwater fish. Also, they don't kill ALL fish with fins cause ALL fish have fins so that would just mean they kill ALL fish. The males are especially aggressive toward other males of their own kind, and will often fight to the death, but I have OFTEN kept single male bettas in community tanks with many fish of other species with no problems. I have even heard of people keeping multiple male bettas together without problems if there are enough plants/hiding places in a big enough tank.

#74 is completely correct. Bettas can easily be integrated into tropical tanks, as long as there is adequate room for territorial fish, and they are not kept with fish that nip trailing fins that bettas possess, particularly breeds such as veiltails. Please be aware, though, that male bettas will also attack female bettas if there are not enough hiding places or enough room. Female bettas will fight, as well, if only kept in a pair. It's reccommended that three or more females be kept, if you are going to keep multiple females. I would love to have a betta in my tank, but unfortunately, they are a bit too small, as my bichirs will eat anything smaller than them. To my surprise, this included a male betta.

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