By Anonymous - 30/03/2012 07:45 - Australia - Perth

Today, I woke up to what sounded like twigs snapping. Turns out it was the skull of a live mouse being crushed in my cat's jaws. FML
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Huh seems like Tom finally caught Jerry :)

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She brings you presents and all you do is complain.


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#60 - Mice don't have rabies. And if you're referring to the cat, you indirectly called the OP an idiot because only an idiot would keep a cat with rabies in his/her house.

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Over analyzation? Just kidding :) I just wish I had a keen eye

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Your mice problem got taken cared of, where's the FML?

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She brings you presents and all you do is complain.

Spelling - it makes the difference between pronunciations. So anyway, I think the cat would be a bit too big to have "wraped" the mouse. Does that count as **********?

It was still funny, even though he spelled it wrong.

Wow, 17, you are just sooooo smaaaaart. *Rolls eyes*

RedPillSucks 31

non-human sex does not count as **********. And why would the cat rape his gift? Seems uncharitable.

Sounds like he has a delicious present for you!

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That sounds like such a wonderful thing to wake up to. I'm sorry OP. Poor mouse :(

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Cats need sustenance to, it's only natural.

At least you have a cat that is willing to catch mice. My cat would lay there and watch the mouse scurry about and not do a damn thing

Is your cat related to Garfield by any chance?

Ferretface 13

Is your cat Garfield by any chance?

Nah, Garfield wouldn't just watch, he would socialise with the mouse and get some cheese for him even.

No idea, but my cat is super lazy. Even when it goes outside to lay in the grass, a bird could land in front of him and he just look at the bird and then put its head back down. My 2 dogs on the other hand, would chase the mouse or bird

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if you dont want the cat ill take it