Alas, poor Stuart

By ShouldIHelpIt - 18/05/2016 02:46 - United States - Northampton

Today, I woke up to hear dripping water in the kitchen. Thinking it was someone getting a glass of water or something, I came out to find that it was just a mouse drowning in my dog's water bowl. FML
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That's really an FML for the mouse

Did you save it?


Ruskiy_Cherep 18

Damnit Jerry!!

I'm sorry. But it's a mouse. They are vermin. Humans have been ridding themselves of these creatures for centuries because they carry disease and ruin food and contaminate water. Animal rights have their place, but can everyone just lay off the "poor little animals" thing for a second? An animals life is not nearly as important as the humans they effect. Especially when the animal is a disease carrying creature. It's a mouse. Let it go. Let's all breathe and assume the mouse is dead and be glad the dog will have fresh clean water without disease in it and the dogs owner won't find icky little mouse poop in the cereal box.

well, a human life is actually worth less than those of other animals-mainly because humans fuck up nearly everything they attempt to do/interact with, they have overly sensitive bodies, and are generally very horrible in an environmental sense, where as problems non-human animals cause really only effect humans or were partly caused by humans(invasive species)-but that's only if you assume it's reasonable to put a value on any life, because all life is pretty much a worthless coincidence.

FML'S longest sentence. I honestly was unable to follow, so I gave up.

Wow. I think I would have screamed the place down and thrown the water out to try and save the mouse? But aren't mice good swimmers and can climb nearly anything, what type of bowl caused that? Unless the mouse decided to end his life.

Did you save the mouse?

snarkytruth 37

Did you throw it a life preserver?

snarkytruth 37

Try CPR?

Sucks for the mouse but at least you don't have a mouse anymore.