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Today, my boyfriend was having a really bad day, so I decided to call him and try to calm him down. At one point, I thought it would be sweet to sing him a song since he claimed to love my voice. Before I could get half way through, he told me to shut up because I was getting on his nerves and just making things worse. FML
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  popoman  |  0

That's the problem with many people, especially tone-deaf people; everyone thinks they can sing, and sing well. Unless you've received actual music training (e.g., singing or even playing an instrument), you probably can't sing well. Of course, there are some outliers.

It's often socially unacceptable and extremely mean to tell people to their face that they're horrible singers. Often, people will just skirt the issue by saying "It's good", or "I like it", just to get you to shut up. If you say it's bad, they'll sometimes try to prove you wrong by singing more.

You probably can't sing as well as your boyfriend says. He's trying to get in your pants through flattery. It reminds me of my ex-girlfriend who thought she could sing like an angel. Instead, it sounded like a howling cat. I told her. At least I didn't have to hear a tone-deaf song anymore. Your boyfriend should be more honest to you.

  _swimcutie_  |  0

Jerkkk..WTF. I'm totally giving him the benefit of the doubt by saying..he had a rough day, let him off this once..BUT if it happens again..dump him. Sorry girl for his rudeness..I'm sure you are an awesome singer

  Whydoyouask  |  11


@ #56: well she obviously thought her singing was good enough to calm her boyfriend down...which is dumb in its self. And the point popoman was trying to make was that the only reason the OP's boyfriend said her singing was good was possibly because he didn't want to tell her the truth.