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Today, I walked into my house and saw it was flooded. I went upstairs to the bathroom to see the toilet overflowing and my boyfriend holding my dog over it so he could drink it. My boyfriend said he didn't know what else to do. FML
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There's this thing called a water valve about 2 feet from where he was


A for ass.- definition :2. A vain, self-important, silly, or aggressively stupid person.

Welshite I guess it could go either way. Please excuse my vulgarness.

Nope usually shit gets flushed . Sorry to everyone .

There's this thing called a water valve about 2 feet from where he was

It could be that the valve is just a knob that is seized up from disuse. They don't get used much and can be a real bitch to turn off.

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Technically he didn't actually try, he just wanted to get out of the situation easily and made it look like he tried and at the same time tried to be funny

That sounds so cute. I bet you didn't know whether to laugh or cry at that point.

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Man, I feel bad for you, but just keep in mind that one day, you will look back at this and laugh just as hard as the rest of us are laughing right now. Much love, FYL.

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OK, I get it when people call OP's boy/girlfriend a keeper when they do something funny or unexpected. It is a long shot to say that because of one simple action, but whatever, it's possible to understand. But seriously now, how can that moron be called a "keeper"?!? Keep him away from dogs and flooding toilets, that is...

I had that thought at the time but it seemed to be a little out of context... maybe it was just my sleeptime soreness of mind. Anyway, #29 photo matches her comment perfectly, just wanted to say o/

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There are some really great inventions that could have helped, i.e. a plunger, a water valve, a phone to call a