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Today, I was working customer service at a large grocery store. I recently got a small, tasteful septum piercing that is barely visible. As I greeted a customer, she began to gag, held out her hand as though she was fending me off, and said, "I can't. Your nose ring makes me sick." FML
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Definitely not. Whenever I see one I imagine a bull stamping it's hoof.


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This is worthy of being #1 Well played indeed. Made me crack up.

Definitely not. Whenever I see one I imagine a bull stamping it's hoof.

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Yeah, it's the piercings where judgemental ass hats ignore it

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A stud in the side of the nose is fine, a septum piercing always makes me think someone is gonna tie something to it and use it as a leash. Plus for most people, it can take a 10 down to a 6.

Idk where all you commenters are from but I have 6 facial piercings and dreadlocks so a pretty "unique" look and I've never had anyone be as negative to me as the commenters here. It's kind of sad to see...

Actually though I've been for each ones one I never cared for them but I saw an 18g one and those are sctually pretty nice. OP you're dealing with the public, flip it up and hide it.

Obviously I have an unpopular opinion here, but some people actually like it.

@54 Thats because people in real life restrain themselves in what they say and only think what people are saying in these posts, here on the internet people feel more open and actually say what they think.

Adding onto #70 - I've seen plenty of people with what I would consider ugly piercings, but I just assume that people who get such piercings are aware that most people don't favour them and they're comfortable with that and that's fine. Plenty of people aren't aiming to look 'pretty' by everyone else's standards - hell many people get a kick out of looking 'scary' or 'fierce' so they couldn't care less about any negative appraisals. But the fact that OP thinks that his/her septum piercing is 'tasteful' - by whose standards? His/her own? Piercing fanatics? The general population? Cuz if it's the latter, then that's pretty stupid, and I'm pretty sure that's the main issue people have with OP. Judging from the comments and the voting more people dislike septum piercings than like them, and personally, I would think that's kind of obvious. If you wanna tan yourself to the colour of a carrot, wear crazy facial piercings, or wear your pants below your butt, and you are aware that most people don't consider it attractive but rock it anyway, fine, whatever. But if you do any of those things under the illusion that most people would find you 'awesome' or 'attractive' with good taste - you're a dumbass, and people are going to call you out on it. Simple.

Ok, fair enough that it's the internet but then I think that's just sad. You need to insult people behind a computer? Honestly, I have no issue with people saying what's on their mind. I'm a brutally honest person. What does bug me is when people insult employees at their job. It's like hiding behind the computer, you know the employee can't do anything but smile and nod or they're likely to get fired. As far as OP calling their septum piercing "tasteful", I would imagine they mean it's quite tiny. Compared to a stretched septum, you have to agree that that's tasteful. I also have to say, although I didn't plan my piercings to be "scary" or "intimidating", I've come to realize that's how some people see me. I find this amusing in the fact that once people get to know me, they realize I'm super friendly and actually quite shy.

Its actually one of the most tasteful piercings because if you go somewhere it wouldn't go over well you can flip it inside your nose and you can't see it anymore! A lot better than lip or eyebrow ring..

no... piercing and tatoo in the face are simply not tastefull. you might like it yourself, but thats probably just a phase of life

95 - depends on your jewelry. I can't flip mine up cause it's a captive bead but when I did have to flip it up, I wore one that was able to be flipped.

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I've actually gotten more compliments on my septum piercing than any of my other piercings, so..

Why are locs unusual? My mum had them for years, but then again I am black haha--I had them too as an 8 year old.

@103 that's probably because they were trying to sleep with you

was opening the comment ls to say the exact same thing! no there is not a 'tasteful'' septum piercing at all. it's the ugliest thing ive seen since I saw the different things tribes do in national geographics. I would never ever think about dating or even a one night stand with a woman who had one or from what she said was even thinking about getting one. they make me ill as well!

104 - Im a Caucasian female so that might be why, lol. I live in Alberta, it doesn't seem to be overly popular here.

My septum is my favourite out of my piercings, I adore mine and have never had a negative comment on it actually. If you don't like them that's fine and dandy, it really doesn't impact my life any and piercings really aren't for everyone; doesn't mean you should be so rude about it though. I have seen some people that I really don't like their septum or various other jewellery, I feel it doesn't suit them, but I'd never comment because it's not my body to decide so it's not my place to comment.

Not to anyone who's ever seen the same thing on a bull or cow. It's the one piercing that always makes the person look ridiculous.

I don't find many piercings attractive, though on some people they ARE. It just works with the person. I especially have a fondness for lip piercings, though. Not sure if I'll get one yet but I find it attractive. It's really not that uncommon anymore. I've met people who still freak over tattoos despite them becoming a lot more accepted, it's rude. Unless someone asks your opinion I don't see why you need to say anything. I don't really like short hair on men, but you don't see me walking around insulting men with short hair. And people would FREAK over someone insulting a woman with short hair or who is bald. Dyed hair is common now as well. All of this is for appearance purposes, they should do what they want and you should keep your mouth shut and be a decent human being unless your opinion is asked.

You can have an opinion but what you just said was extremely rude. "I don't like them," you have sufficed if you insisted on being an ass. However, saying nothing would have been a much better option.

What I don't get #75 is why people have to say it's not tasteful. If people don't like it, sure say that. But if OP says she's it looks tasteful, who are we to say it doesn't? Just because we find it ugly doesn't mean OP does. Why should we put OP down when we've all said something we have looks good when to others it doesn't. I think OP is fine, but just because it's not to your style or liking doesn't allow people to say that OP's taste isn't good looking to her when she likes it. It's much like someone going to a person who has a sleeve of tattoos and a slayer shirt saying, "Your taste in music and the way you dress isn't what I like." I know that's not a good way to word it but who are we to bash what OP likes?

I hate this app for Windows. *own *actually

143 - You're correct, it would be nice if everyone just kept their mouths shut and their opinion to themselves but that's not how society works. I think people with piercings and tattoos need to realize beforehand that they will might get questions, looks or comments. Weather they're negative or positive, you gotta expect it. And if you don't and still go ahead a get one, you'll just find out the hard way.

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I love all my piercings. I can understand when old people go on a rant but, if you love who you are and the way you look then it doesn't matter what people think. What ever happen to people liking you for what's on the inside and not on the outside? People are just too judgemental these days.

I find septum piercings highly unattractive. I'm not sure why. I do tend to picture Bulls though.

#51 there were more people with Hitler than against him in Germany. Doesn't make it right now does it?

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Three cheers for you for hitting the nail on the head!

#171 Please indicate where in 51's comment he said anything about septum rings being 'not right' because they're considered distasteful.

Wrong. A septum piercing is never ever tasteful. The world will never look on those in a positive light. Welcome to reality.

A recent study found that roughly 75% of people think septum piercings are gross and/or unattractive.

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You can actually refuse service to customers who are being rude and ask them to leave the store. Working in customer service sucks...

Should've sneezed then said "Excuse me, it appears I'm allergic to *****".

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Can a septum piercing really be tasteful?

I agree, and it hardly screams professional...

Who cares of it's "professional". They work at a grocery store for Christ's sake.

They're still gross. Septum piercings can turn a 10 into a 4 instantly

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Frankly if the piercing is relatively small, it can be flipped up into the nose and hidden if it becomes a problem. I had a friend in high school who managed to hide her septum piercing from her parents for years by doing that lol

Some people judge others way too quickly... I mean, just because they don't want to get their septum pierced doesn't mean that they should make you feel bad about your decision.

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Maybe they can't handle a piercing and thus don't like it. Much in the same way some people can't handle being anywhere close to a needle.

this would be the part where I would say "hail satan."

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How does a septum piercing make someone feel sick...that's rude of her

NGL, they make me feel sick because I imagine getting one and pain makes me feel sick. Putting things through skin (holes or not) makes me feel sick too. However the woman should've just asked for someone else to serve her, rather than knock someone's self esteem.

I can understand something like that turning someone's stomach, flesh tunnels do the same for me. Not an excuse to be rude though.

I could understand that it's possibly for a septum piercing could turn a stomach. However, that doesn't excuse someone for being that much of a cockmuncher

Putting holes in your body is painful and sickening to some

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I hope you told her that her attitude also makes you sick