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  EpicSquishii  |  21

I'd like to think this wasn't a threat, but a kitty-cat version of a Valentine. Waking up with a caress to breakfast in bed wouldn't be a bad thing to a fellow cat :P

  nichollelovins  |  18

actually to cats when they bring you a died animal such as a mouse they see it as a present peace offering so in the cats eyes it was doing a good thing something it thought friends do

  kikimonole  |  13

I don't know why #65 has negative votes when they're correct. Cats bring you dead animals not as a peace offering, but because they believe that you are helpless like a kitten and therefore believe that they must hunt for you. Dogs are the ones that give it to you as a gift...

  sonicsistar  |  7

It's true. Cats bring food to their people to feed them. It's because they care about you and your survival, not really a 'gift" in the way we think of a gift. It is the ultimate way for a cat to show you it cares about you. Accept it graciously.