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Today, before I went into surgery, the patient next to me just finished the same procedure I was going to get. As he woke up in the recovery area 10 feet away, I was getting my final prep before the operation. On my way into the operating room I was comforted by his screams of agonizing pain. FML
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lubey tells us more.

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Thanks for all the positive comments :) to answer som questions: yes I'm recovering well. The surgery was to fix a deviated septum. The patient before me didn't immediately respond to the pain meds that's why he was screaming. And I wrote this fml last night at 2 am after the anesthesia wore off

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No not screaming of agonizing pain... Screaming for joy


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Do not worry, I myself had an operation done on my head when I was young. It is just the reaction from waking up with a bunch of tubes plunged down your throat. Atleast that's what it was for me. And it feels kind of weird not naturally breathing on your own after waking up :)

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I remember waking up from surgery... All was a happy world and nothing could stop me. That is... Until the pain meds wore off :(

Yeah, same thing happened to me when I was younger, it hurts like a bitch at first but it wears off

Haha cheers 49, 52,I wish Mine was as pleasant as you make yours sound like, I was screaming for minute on end until they finally finished butchering my throat. Lucky for you, you never had a thick as hell of a tube get ripped out of the back of your head(while you were awake) or 30+ staples ripped out of your head. Come to think of it I have no idea how I still remember this...

No #17, there aren't trolls on this site. Most of the commenters really are just ******* braindead.

After some surgeries, pain meds just don't cut it.

I've had staples ripped from my stomach, and drainage tubes pulled out of my stomach, those hurt bad! Sadly I've had lots of surgeries.

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And as someone who has had several surgeries the morphine they give you in the recovery room is a joke. It's like pain pain push of morphine two minutes of no pain then an even more intense pain follows.

I never remembered the recovery room, the morphine they give you with the button is good, but some advice, don't click the button to the tune of a song, it doesn't make the nurses very happy, haha!

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That happened to me once I freaked out and peed I was that nervous after!! I am so ashamed.

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Not ashamed enough not to tell the internet.

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Ashamed with good reason, I'd say haha

2, where is bear grylls when you need him?:/

Don't think about it right now. At least the operation worked, right? And you can always ask for pain meds. :)

Maybe the patient was faking to scare OP.

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Yeh it did but I'm hurting noelw

^by the spelling looks like OP did get the good pain meds. :)

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Yes, morphine is good pain medicine!

So close but E is the mostly used letter in the alphabet.

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I prefer the letter F. As in "F this guys stupid comment."

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No not screaming of agonizing pain... Screaming for joy

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"At last my surgery is over!" HUZZAH

I swear, hospitals do that just so their patients will freak out, ask for more pain meds, and the hospital can jack up the price for it. Evil hospitals...

Yeah, the doctors and nurses hire actors to scream bloody murder. It's demented.

It's sarcasm, I forget people on FML seem to lack it. Thumb me down, I don't mind

42, the irony of you not seeing the sarcasm in my post is overwhelming.

Not to sound mean but they don't, I speak from experience when I was a little kid, sorry to ruin your hypothesis :L

No in fact I think most hospitals keep the prep room and the recovery room separate. That has always been my experience in several different hospitals i have had surgery in They are trying to keep the patient going into surgery calm so they do not have to worry about a blood pressure spike and such that may cause complications during surgery. And anytime I was nervous I just told them when I have had surgeries and the pushed what the referred to as "happy juice". Into my IV. I hope you came out ok op. many times it depends on which surgeon is performing the operation. Some have more finesse, experience, and or knowledge. Not to mention that guy could have a low tolerance for pain or it was his first surgery. That first surgery you wake up from can be very overwhelming physically and mentally.

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Sounds like a lovely procedure

I doubt it. They were probably thinking it would be efficient and easier for the surgical staff to access patients if they put pre-op and post-op right next to each other. Besides, when you look at a breakdown of costs from any given surgery, pain meds are not significantly expensive at all.

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#20 - What are you rambling on about? #7 was obviously using sarcasm.

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.... It's surgery. Duh, it's going to hurt.

Morphine is not the miricle people think it is. It's effects are extremely short lived and when it wears off after those couple of minutes the pain seems worse.

i found it worked well after my open heart surgery... was on it 3 days, very little pain, even had 3 chest drains removed without major pain. maybe i just have a high pain threshold...

Could of just been overreacting. People's pain thresholds are different.

Could have or could've* Sorry, it just bugs me a lot /:

I try to only correct that every 10th time I see that, #66, but it is one of my biggest grammatical pet peeves, too. I get a little twitch when I see it.

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#66...Stupid grammar nazi.i hat that sooooooo freakin much.cant people just type Wat they won't to.they could of just wanted to type it like that

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Mine would have to be the misuse of the word awe and "Chester drawers"

Don't worry, he just found out that the procedure he took gave him cancer, you'll be fine though