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By  KaySL  |  24

Nah man, she dumped you after she walked in on you giving that permanent marker an intense, homoerotic blowjob. You fucking sicken me, son.

  kofinater  |  3

I still stick my penis into a sock and . . . wait what?

  TayonaC  |  10

because she's got good genes??
that's like asking why are gorillas hairy? they just are and always will be. :)
lol I wasn't comparing you to a gorilla #1 I was giving an example ^_^

  TayonaC  |  10

your almost 19?! no you dont look like it
though you may in person, but as for your picture no.
do I look 15? some say I don't some day I do

  chlobo13  |  0

hahahaha I read your story. I agree with this statement, much more embarrassing. xD but hey, if I was that girl, I would be cracking up at my boyfriend!