Ah, young love…

By HotAsTits - 20/03/2011 20:31 - United States

Today, my parents thought it would be appropriate to tell my girlfriend that I used to stick my penis in a sock puppet and talk to it when I was younger. FML
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Haha aww. All parents are going to embarrass you with the stories from when you were younger, don't worry.

Nah man, she dumped you after she walked in on you giving that permanent marker an intense, homoerotic blowjob. You fucking sicken me, son.


Haha aww. All parents are going to embarrass you with the stories from when you were younger, don't worry.

kofinater 3

I still stick my penis into a sock and . . . wait what?

Haha..... I worry about you...

10, Don't worry every guy does.

hahahaha FUKK YOU !!

lol that's freakn hilarious though!xP

i've never stuck my penis in a sock and talked to it.... why would i??

Cuz it feels niiiiiiiceee... 8)

hmm really? hmm lets see... ooo it feels comforting :D

I have 3 perverted brothers that is why I say that.


hey everybody my sock puppet, called him Pepito, says hi :D

it'll be wierd if u have a arguement with ur sock puppet XD

no socky, stop! stop puking everywhere! baad sock!


hahahaha u should keep that sock on a leash XD

hey #71 thats wat i was wondering :)

71,74 because she's got good genes?? that's like asking why are gorillas hairy? they just are and always will be. :) lol I wasn't comparing you to a gorilla #1 I was giving an example ^_^

hmm #1 and #75 have good genes:)

(thinking) oh well... no comment

This thread just got creepy.

hahah its mostly about penis sock puppets wat did u expect???

Yea you guys desperately need girls irl. Poor things..

well thats a little harsh :'(

aww lol no need to be mean

79 i like ur pikachu kitty.. o.o

this thread made me laugh :P and do I look 18? o.o (almost 19)

90 your almost 19?! no you dont look like it though you may in person, but as for your picture no. do I look 15? some say I don't some day I do

do I look 14? (13 in the picture)

98 no you look in mid- early 20s and 99 you look 16 in yours. what about me?

98 no you look in your mid 20s and 99 I thought you were 16 ^_^ what about me?

omg I love ut pic it's so fuckin cute!!

u look 15 or 16 I think

who gives a shit how old u look? not trying to be mean but seriously

ur name is jizwold.. so shut up lol

thanks :) hah

aw don't take it as a bad thing. lol I'm sorry

lol ops name is hotastits WTF hes still creepy.

the older u look the less you get Id. I'm a guy and I have never put my dick in a sock. that's just weird

I bet my moustache makes me look older right? hehe :3

My sock puppets name is Pubert

Was there mashed potatoes in the sock as well? :)

Lol thanks 71. I got it from my mama(:

Yea You're really pretty Jesse. :) How old do I look?

Thanks! So are you Kristina! You look 15-16

Haha I turned 15 today. Thank you. :] Appreciate it. But seriously you're one of the prettiest girls I've spotted on FML.

Aww! Happy birthday! :))) And thank you so much!!!!

Hah thanks! :] And no problem!! :)

Welcome:) Hope you had a good birthday!

Aww thanks. :]] It was pretty good. Thank you. Lmao how did we turn an FML about penis puppets into birthday wishes? Haha.

Haha I have no idea! :D It's funny.

Haha it is, isn't it? xD

How owd do i rook?

I agree with 71 haha

Guys! Rate me! How old do I look. :P Hahaha.

154, I'd say 16 or 17, what about me? I'm told that I look older but idk :P

Yeah, like the feared naked baby pictures.

Oh gosh... Glad my parents haven't brought those out yet.

Mine have threatened to do so, so many times before, and let's not forget about the home videos. :O

Haha, I don't think that my parents have home videos. At least I hope not!

Hahaha, if they do they're most likely on VHS, so you're good. ;) But yeah, parents do know how to embarrass their kids.

LMAO at your default, 191

I think he was doing more with the sock then just talking to it

loll thats wat i was thinking ^

my baby pics r gone lucky me

hahahahahaha nice default!!!

lmao but obviously some people have better stories than others...XD

Hide the curling irons... D:

oooooooooooo burn

well, I used to pee the bed :P I'm sure everyone has those stories

Yes.... Yes we do.

I have stories when people invade my droors for sox to f* with... it gets worse

why in gods name would you spell drawers like that D:

why in gods name would you put a pokemon thing as your picture?

Just out of curiosity what is God's name?

God's name is God

God's name is Jehovah

uh god haha duh :)

God's name has two manifestations in Hebrew: Elohim and Yhwh. in Arabic, the Elohim is Allah, and there is no Yhwh equivalent.

and in Australia it's pronounced "Beer"

agreed 205.... :)

That's just not right. Some things should just stay a secret. FYL.

Haha I love you boners.

Parents are just plain embarrassing.

ahahahaha finally sumone more pathetic than me.... woah laughed at

hahahaha I read your story. I agree with this statement, much more embarrassing. xD but hey, if I was that girl, I would be cracking up at my boyfriend!

ha your's for sure was not as bad as this. at least yours was on accident :)


I absolutely love you! AVPS<3


Kids all do stupid stuff and it will be your turn to put up with it, then later embarass your own kids someday!