By mugged - 20/03/2011 20:29 - United States

Today, my dog had to choose between protecting me from a mugger or eating an apple. He chose the apple. FML
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dogs always go for food

AlienX_fml 0

I usually bring an apple when i mug people. Just in case they have a dog.



dogs always go for food

The mugger just may have been a dog whisperer :p

Agiggleaday 0

Apples are yummy. I'd choose the apple too :D

mendozaale 0

ya i would choose the apple too... i cant save lives on a empty tummy :)

fucking apple fanboys!

42 that's what I was going to say:)

42 that's what I was going to say:)

63- You are awesome!

my dog wouldn't go for the apple... unless the apple was mugging me!

L2 train your dog better

LOLbomb 1

Hey apple! Hey! Apple! Hey Apple! Apple! Hey Apple! What!? Dog!

vgameson 0

good dog

Of course he would. Apples are pretty darn tasty

xdannyx117x 0

lol so ur getting mugged and there just happens to be an apple which your dog chose over helping u , attack of the random apples fyl

runepop 0

ur dog, is a douchebag. lmao

memo619 0

that dog knows his priorities it'd be epic if it was a chihuahua, I can just imagine him trying to bite the robbers leg

You should see my chihuahua. Super annoying and feisty

lmfaoo prob not as annoying as my cat, she sleeps eat and whines.

those little dogs are freaking vicious

32- Don't most cats do that?

Imagine that kinda dog trying to bite the apple.

carcinogan 0

hey 35...nice ink devil dog!

@35 They also don't seem to understand how small they are. They are the measly, inebriated punk with inflated bravado of the dog world. :D

goriders123 0

He thought the apple was worth the effort.

Apples are yummy.

MostDope_fml 7

very yummy! can't blame the dog! lol

granny smiths r gross

granny smiths r gross

dirtyblond 4


you're face is gross seeing as you don't have a default

mendozaale 0

wait? whaaa?

i know! I probably would have chosen the apple :)

mintcar 9

You are face is gross...?

EmoGiana 0

I am allergic to apples! >:( I hate you all!

your not you're

EmoGiana 0

You make no sense strange man I don't know.

I know he is weird.

srry 36 u fail

36- no pic is the default.

he's a DOG what do u expect????

Dogs always choose the food. :/

No I don't!!! don't stereotype me okay!!!

ruby84 1


thats why you buy a cat :D between the apple and the mugger he chooses to leave

that's even worst!

pfft dont be pessimist xD at least the cat wont get hurt

Agiggleaday 0

95, your pic is awesome :)

Ohhh it did change finally ^^

BabyLuis 0

# 50 i love that picture its fkin pissin me off

Was the dog aware you were in danger? Mine goes off the handle if someone he knows is in danger - but not if he doesn't realise we're in danger.

I was thinking the same thing if they were casually talking or I guess casually getting mugged I don't think they would notice danger. sorry to hear that Op

AlienX_fml 0

I usually bring an apple when i mug people. Just in case they have a dog.

hahaha :-D mee too!!:-o

hahahahaha that's MADD....I mean angry true!



Not surprised, he must of made that agreement earlier with the dog.

dress up in an apple outfit and your dog will be super loyal, or try to eat you...

chlobo13 0

win. xD

SmallyBigs 9

11 and 25's default.... boneriffic.

BlackOpsPWNR 0

25, holy crap, you got a little(big) somethin' on you chest! those are freaking huge!

BlackOpsPWNR 0

25, you got a little(big) somethin' on your chest! those are freaking huge!

SmallyBigs 9

That's a nice pair of apples...

chlobo13 0

woww guys haha I like tht word "boneriffic". Nice ring to it. xD