By thebravelittletoaster - 20/03/2011 20:32 - United Kingdom

Today, the estranged crumbs in my toaster caught light while I was making breakfast. The toast, toaster, and my wooden bench are now little more than collateral damage. FML
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Looks like you relied heavily on your thesaurus to write this FML. Unless you usually speak using awkward, slightly out-of-context high school vocabulary words.

The_grumpy_bear 0

I guess for next time you will clean out your toaster more often.


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thats what he gets for shuving bread in the toaster the brave little thing went outnin a band and took your cheep ass freniture with it

The_grumpy_bear 0

I guess for next time you will clean out your toaster more often.

^Agreed, cleaning fail. All you really gotta do is flip it over and shake it out once in a while.

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Ikr!? Love the way this fml is worded:p

YDI for burning a perfect toaster strudel!

Agiggleaday 0

Hope your not blaming the toaster for it, OP

stormer461 13

YDI for writing like a retard.

dusty209 0

why the **** is there a warm appliance on a wood bench. that will bring the whole house down if it catches "light"!!

BlackOpsPWNR 0

lolz, the OPs name(not really) is thebravelittletoaster

lol the estranged crumbs? why do i get the feeling these crumbs should be in a straight jacket..

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deliciouscake 3

keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen like many smart people

estranged crumbs.. use a dictionary next time.

memo619 0

ouch, this is another reason why I don't cook I'm afraid that imma burn the house down

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Why is everyone saying 'toaster strudel'? Don't you people ever use a toaster for - I don't know - making toast?

dirtyblond 4

My apologies...I don't know why, but it double commented for some reason, this was suppose to be a response to the first comment xD

get Docbastard to make you a new bench, he likes to work with wood. hehe

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Hey it could've been worse you know.

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shake it like a Polaroid picture