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big friggin whoop your parents like rough sex. it's none of your business anyways so how does this cause a disturbance to your like? I think it's more f your parents like for having a child that's snooping around their bedroom.


Spelling or not, your point is correct #10. Kids should not be snooping in their parents space. OP, YDI, and your consequence is you cannot unsee that. Learn and move on.


maybe they asked OP to look for something in their room, but he found that by accident... or better yet, they wanted him to find it.


Um no only once. Go get your sight checked or just learn how to read. And even if she did misspell it twice 1 correction would be enough

and why is this an fml? now if you had found them in use on your bed then yes... but people have all sorts of odd turn ons. cant judge them for it... unless its animals, in that case judge away.

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