By Braced - 21/02/2010 05:14 - United States

Today, my dad and I were shovelling snow off the roof. I told him I was going to jump off the roof. He told me to go ahead, so I did. He failed to tell me that the snow was packed and wouldn't break my fall. I now have an injured back. He didn't tell me because he didn't think I would actually do it. FML
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Win! Your dad probably assumed you had brains!

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This is the example of either a "like father, like offspring" or "family dares gone wrong".

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youre the dumbass that decided to jump

Ehhh, well considering that he was dumb enough to actually jump off the roof to prove himself to his DAD!!??? Yes he is a dumbass. And that is the end of that.

Why where you shoveling snow off the roof....?

You're blaming your dad because he thought you had some sense? FHL

@41, some places get so much snow it can collapse a roof.

How did anyone vote agree for this? It is obviously their fault. Anyone old enough to shovel snow off a roof is old enough to know not to jump off of one. Even if there had been six feet of ideally packed snow you still would have gotten hurt because snow is just a bunch of tiny ice cubes with slot of air inbetween them. high is everybody's roofs? i can jump off my roof in the summer no problem. Have people here never lived a little on the slightly-dangerous side of life? I think this is more of FHL. and it's a girl for those who said "he".

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congradulations OP you have acomplished a whole new level of stupidity.

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If I were you, I wouldn't be calling anyone else a dumbass if I couldn't even use the correct form of you're*.

Win! Your dad probably assumed you had brains!

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he didn't think you were that stupid to actually jump

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yeah, ydi for jumping off a roof in the first place. idiot.

Didn't you know the snow was packed when you WALKED ON IT?

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Well, it's really a complex idea that I don't expect everyone to understand, but maybe they, I don't know, shoveled their walkway first? Or maybe they got onto the roof through the house and hadn't walked on it yet? Really, try thinking of all the possibilities before being so accusatory.

weather or not they had already walked on it, she is still a dumbass for JUMPING OFF THE ROOF

Some people shouldn't be walking around unsupervised.

well done champ! really, that was stupid.

Special little snowflake, how about we get that cheese now? Who is a special girl? yes thats right, yes thats right. You are!

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purplemnm 9

so is your dad...he didn't know which hole to put it in

It might not get you on Jackass but it will get you on Nitro Circus.

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some people are just born stupid