By hjkashld - 24/04/2012 01:48 - United States

Today, I faked back pain to get out of sex with my wife. FML
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That back pain is probably related to your lack of spine. And really, **** HER life. She deserves better.


I haven't heard of any guy who's ever turned down sex. Guys aren't allowed to say no.

dude what the hell kinda bubble do you live in? AIDS, ugliness, not in the mood, or whtever else it may be...go try living in the real world

Seriously, just tell her the truth. If she can't understand that you don't always want to have sex, you need her to get a reality check. I mean, she's had to have refused sex at least once before, right?

Sex with my wife is perfect... I would never say no

I was really tired tonight... Still had sex with my fiancé. Never know when it's gonna be your last time. Can't say no

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#1 - is that a Paget Brewster reference?

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Some of these comments are so biased, if OP's wife were faking a headache half of these comments wouldn't be here.

Thats kinda odd, I've never turned down sex with your wife.

what makes you people who say men can't turn down sex even think of that? there are billions of men in the world.....not everyone is the same

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There are billions of people in this world, but only few are true MEN.

135: No such thing; "real men" are a myth invented to sell cigarettes and trucks.

It's about sex drive. Some just don't have it

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It can't be that, she maybe just smells a little? Or he just is barely ever in the mood.

My guy friends have 2 classic saying when it comes to sex & ugly broads, first 'beauty is only a light switch away' and second 'it's all the same face down in the pillow' :D

Dimmer switch works as mood lighting as long as they are only butta. If they are fat, no lack of light or pillow will help his wood

You profile picture goes perfectly with your comment.

A bit ironic since you're the backstabber!

Just tell her obviously there's something holding you back right?!

"Maybe it's cause I'm too tired, or maybe it's cause the dogs watching, or maybe it's something I ate. Maybe it's the economy, or maybe it's something else..."

It's just when it comes to your relationship you should always be honest. Well you should always be honest anyways...

Wow, not many guys would do that, is she really that bad?

Seriously normally you read FML's about girls making up excuses to get out of sex. And OP's wife might not be bad at sex, he may not be in the mood (hey it happens to guys too).

Euhm, I actually think that many guys sometimes (want to) search an good excuse to avoid sex - even if their partner is the ultimate sex god. You can't always be in the mood, can you? But It's simply not-done for a guy to talk about this with strangers, since men are still supposed to be addicted to sex.

5 I have two plausible scenarios why OP could have. 1 OPs wife had just furiously farted in his face. 2 OP was abducted by aliens that removed his reproductive system and replaced it with a sock.

20- your second plausibility is creative and funny as ****.

You should try anal. Throw a change up.

Why is this downvoted? Seems like a good idea to me.

Because OP didn't want to have sex. Anal sex is sex, which OP did not want at the moment.

I hate anal it hurts and has no pleasure whatsoever!

Anal is like spinach. If you were forcefed it as a child you probably won't like it as an adult.

73- that is so wrong and so effing funny at the same time!

I guess OP's wife is happy about it too; otherwise she would've had some REAL back pains.

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I think he means that OP would have "broken her back" and then she would have real back pains, unlike the fake pain OP is faking.

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Or you could be honest with her? If she's your wife I'm sure she'd understand.

Yeah, tell her that you find her physically repugnant. That will go over well.

That back pain is probably related to your lack of spine. And really, **** HER life. She deserves better.

Maybe she does, she might deserve allow of these people thumbing op down for turning down sex

11 - **** HER life?! I'm pretty sure OP's wife has come up with an infinite number of excuses for not having sex! But this one time the man does it, he's blamed and she gets the pity...

I don't know why people aren't more honest when it comes to sex, that's how you make that part of your life healthy! I'd rather my partner told him he didn't feel up to it then have lousy sex!

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SkoomaKi, and everyone else who keeps saying it, not all women make up excuses not to have sex. I've never made up an excuse. I don't, I've never even turned my boyfriend down. I once fell asleep while giving him a handy--didn't have to tell him how exhausted I was, and he understood. But turn sex down just because? Never. Only bitches do that (for power, mostly). I know every woman who's done it will thumb me down and argue now. Oh, well.

How th'**** can you have 77 thumbs up? He has no spine because he doesn't feel like banging his wife all the time? Well then theres something seriously wrong with all the girls in the world isn't that right? **** you and your big nose.

#11, you are officially in no position to ever reject anyone for sex. Ever. If that's the attitude you're taking on a guy who was likely not in the mood to pleasure his wife. When people like you grow up, you'll realize that this type of shit happens; no one can simply be in the mood all the time, every single waking day.

155, I don't even know how you got 1 thumbs up for that comment. She meant that he had no spine for taking the pussy way out and lying his ass off instead of manning up and telling the truth. And the spineless comment would apply to both genders that don't have one enough to face up to their partner and tell the truth.

#11- How can you possibly know that his wife deserves better? You didn't learn a single thing from OP's post that can make you believe his wife is a decent human being, for all you know she could be beating/abusing him on a regular basis.