By ww2freak - 14/06/2012 01:17 - United States - Centreville

Today, I found out that if you whistle Christmas carols while shitting in a public bathroom, a little boy might just look under the stall to see if Santa is pooping. FML
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Tell him he is on the naughty list! Peeking under stalls... >:

I would do the exact same thing. Who would want to miss out on meeting Santa?


Tell him he is on the naughty list! Peeking under stalls... >:

Sing_Along 7

Why were you whisteling Christmas songs this time of year? Isn't it a little early?

GVirdi 11

It's never too early for christmas! Free presents! Too bad my family doesn't celebrate christmas

perdix 29

And that Santa forwards the Naughty List to Jerry Sandusky ;)

Lol perdix...that's terrible, but hilarious! Anyways, sometimes songs are just stuck in your head, like my sister if obsessed with 1D and she always sings it and people go wtf when I sing it sometimes purely because it's stuck in my head

-Doesn't get the joke perdix made. Gives it a thumbs up anyway-

xoconnie 8

that kid must be scarred for life!

5- Maybe he lives in the city of North Pole, Alaska, where it is Christmas year round! You can go meet Santa any day of the year there, even in the shitter! (My phone doesn't allow me to see where the original poster's location is so I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt).

I would do the exact same thing. Who would want to miss out on meeting Santa?

A little Jewish boy maybe?

GVirdi 11

I saw him at the mall once! But they wouldn't let me go because apparently 15 year olds can't believe in Santa :c

ChickInGreenVans 12

I <3 Santa:)..

I saw a black one when I was 12 he said some very mean things to me :((

I don't care what y'all crackas say... Santa is black!

Oreohugzpenny 4

14 What religion are you?

Give him a present, don't kill his faith in Santa!

OP... Oh, yes, of course I am Santa *hands random kid stray tic-tac, bobbi-pin and kinder surprise toy* Kid... Uhh, I want a bike!

Haha he'd be like "shit I don't have anything" *reaches in toilet* "here you go kid it's... Ummm Mr.Potato Head?"

Nice, getting into the Christmas spirit early I see.

the_anti_hipster 7

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

Haha I hope you went along with it, that's enough to scar a kid for life!

ashesofempires04 7

Kids do dumb shit like that all the time. I had one look under the stall at me trying to find his grandpa maybe a minute after grandpa said he would wait outside. I just stared.

That's why you shout satan prayers. It will clear the bathroom for you to use in peace.

GVirdi 11

And then a demon pops out of your ass

aleeshttylXD 9

ahahaha XD

I just died

It's June. Please nobody get "into the spirit", I could do with a few more months of sanity.

dang dude. Bahumbug!

I hate you so much for posting this comment, I have spent the past 10minutes trying to remember the "Santa is coming to town" carol, but I can't get it right :(

GVirdi 11

You better not shout! You better not cry! You better not pout, I'm telling you why! Santa Claus is coming, to town He stalks you when you're sleeping, he hides when you're awake But seriously 9, these days there's no such thing as "sanity"

I was trying to remember that song to, but I couldn't

GVirdi 11

Am I the only 1 who remembered jiggle bells?..

Jingle bells batman smells, robin laid an egg!! Santa dropped his balls and blew up U.S.A, 2005 version FTW. It never gets old :)

What about Christmas in July? That's coming up soon.

BradTheBrony 19

24, there's a mistake in your comment. Let me fix it. *balls

I don't think that's what Santa had in mind when he said coal to the bad children.

GVirdi 11

Short on supply?

Unbweavable 17

Dude it's

GVirdi 11

But there's no songs for June :c

22) I'm surprise one of your comments haven't been moderated yet, mine did. Though I think it's because I typed too many within a short period :L

GVirdi 11

I'm just a bored teen trying to make myself more bored so I can sleep Other than that it's 5am and I can't really think of anything good to post on a Fml about a little boy looking in bathroom stalls for Santa

Killuhk 8

He's getting ready for July lol

70 Christmas wasn't in July the last time I checked.

calaholic35 0

Ever heard of Christmas in July.. Idiot..

challan 19

Sometimes he's nutty Sometimes he's corny He can be brown or greenish brown But if you eat fiber on Christmas eve He might come to your town! Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo He loves me, I love you Therefore, vicariously he loves you!

lmao! genius!