By ryan - 10/02/2010 15:08 - United States

Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend. Its was pretty good and heavy and she was moaning nicely. Then her moans got softer and softer and then nothing. She fell asleep. FML
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just finish up and got sit in the corner somewhere. think about where you went wrong in bed and in life.

...Did you finish anyway?


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That's what foreplay is for...

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And threesomes?

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You can't beat meh!!!

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wow 1 you fail and op next time slap her ass

FYI orgasm(s) send sleep signals to your brain, so either you really do have no idea what you're doing or you're a bomb. won't vote cuz there's no specification :/

tru #52 OP shouldnt beat himself up it could have been damn good sex maybe she was just tired this is funny but not rly an fml

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(542-542) having sex is like the saying of "let a sleeping dog lay".. or layed or yeah. RIDE IT LIKE A PONY!

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@ nicksaurus then do a dinky punch!

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donkey punch

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hahaha wow dude I'm feeling much sorry-ness for you. if those herbal enhancers work get some

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lmao #75

Why is this an FML? I've had a girlfriend for almost a year now, and she falls asleep everytime. That's how sex is supposed to work right?

no, no it's not, not til your done. lol..

I don't see why people are saying the OP has a small dick....he could of worked her so hard she passed out and went to sleep, that happens sometimes when me and my girl are having sex.

haha nice, I agree

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242-242 is free

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Sounds fun.

its was pretty good? hopefully better than your grammar

So did you finish?

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you are as your number would suggest, #2 as in poop. as for for the op, just brag that you fucked her until she was unconscious. be careful of your wording though, people may think you raped her

#2's fail wouldnt have been so bad if the sox he rooted for were red

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haha your dicks tinyyy

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just think of it this way op. U WERE SO GOOD U EXHAUSTED HER. might be helpful -_-

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I think I saw a twin FML... A girl passed out during sex with her boyfriend...

I've always wondered if it would affect the sleeping persons dreams.

haha you suck at fucking lol!!

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Or is it fucking suck?

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Zigma FTW!

Well you fuck at sucking

You must be great in the sac...

lol that's funny you did finish didn't you

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...Did you finish anyway?

he probebly did, don't lie op :)

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well you might as well....

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he might as well...

just finish up and got sit in the corner somewhere. think about where you went wrong in bed and in life.

LMAO ^^^^^^^

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or finish up on her face while she sleeps