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  Tripartita  |  44

It's simple. People have aesthetic preferences that differ from yours. Nipple piercings can also increase sensitivity and pleasure from stimulation.

  lestatsbride  |  3

fangs like clip ins or like someone paid to have their teeth filed down into fangs?? I like to wear clip ins because my teeth are jacked and if I tried to file them they'd break off at this point...that being said I also have nipple rings, lol

By  Montanagrl  |  9

Join the club, OP; been there, done that!

  Mauskau  |  35

I dated a guy with a nipple piercing once. It was odd but he had a nice body so it kinda worked, I can't remember if he had just one or both done though. I think he said he was drunk when he got it done. He didn't have much in the brains department though.


If you're referring to using a loofah, I would agree with you. I've never met a guy who used a loofah, but then again I've been single most of my adult life so *shrug*

By  Bearsmomma  |  30

Yep. Been there. I've had mine done 5 different times (took them out for one reason or another, but miss them And always get it done again.) They can catch on random things at random times. And once I got the shower puff loofah thing somehow wrapped up and stuck on my clit ring-it wasn't a closed o ring, but a c shape with a bead at each end. That almost turned awkward... Just as I was about to call for help I got it loose. Lol. Welcome to the club though. Congrats!


I personally always found them attractive so when I went to get my first lip piercing I went, "Bugger it!" and got a nipple done too. Later on, I got one on the other side because I was happy with how the first one turned out. I have short nipples that are pretty much flat and the piercings make them stand out better and my areolas look a bit smaller. So, I got better looking nipples out of it and some pretty jewelry too. Anyway, why do people do this in general? It's not really too different from ear, nose and navel piercing- it's just a different spot and all about personal preference.


When I got mine done, I made the mistake of using a loofa too :( Now I'm more used to having them than not having them so they get caught on stuff a lot less now