By pornhastaughtmenothing - 21/02/2013 08:46 - United States - Tacoma

Today, I realized just how bad I am in bed when my girlfriend literally yawned the words, "Oh God" while attempting to fake an orgasm. FML
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feldco1 17

Unless she has tried to tell you what to work on, it's really her fault. Communication is key with this stuff.

Well your username explains it quite a bit...


feldco1 17

Unless she has tried to tell you what to work on, it's really her fault. Communication is key with this stuff.

I'm glad you said that, not everyone likes the same! Tell the other what you like, its so much better for the both of you

Some men don't know when a woman is faking it. An example would be Elaine from Seinfeld. Either way, if the girl doesn't speak up then the guy isn't at fault.

#42 yeah! Someone said that once in a sitcom 15 years ago so it must be true!

Word!!!! That's a good point communication is always key

That's bad man...You sir it was a yawn and not a breathless scream?

that's what i was thinking. not to be too graphic but i sometimes lose my breath and shout out stuff like 'oh god' while in the throes of passion. but then again a yawn is a pretty distinctive facial expression

Sick it in her butt! Teach the faker!!

7yzz 18

Really? Maybe it was a 'breathless' scream? Really?? Are people on FML getting that desperate to try and reassure the OP these days?

Well, she could always put some effort into it as well.

True that. If she is making no effort at all, maybe she's just not that into you. ;)

Well clearly he's into her.


beachchick9498 5

At least she tried-nope, she didn't even try.

wlddog 14

Maybe he lacks the breadstick length.

Well your username explains it quite a bit...

Agreed one should try learning from their partners, rather than from ****. Communication is the key to an enjoyable sexual relationship. You can learn more from conversations with your lover,more than any porno. I hope that OP is reading these comments.

Time to turn your motor to rabbit mode. Even 3 inches can be hell when your going 90 mph.

not if it last a minute

RedPillSucks 31

Doesn't matter if it lasts a minute if she has two orgasms from it. Sex doesn't always have to do with the length of time. The problem is that most guys don't do foreplay and take a while to hit the "spot". If you know where you're going sometimes you can get her there faster. No need to dry her out in the process.

7yzz 18

Unless that 3 inches is bloody thick then it wont do anything, even at 90 mph. Will most likely just give the girl a painful burn.

Haha! This comment has gotta be the best comment I've ever read on a Fml

You better lick it before you stick.

The wonderful world of ****.

littlemsweirdo 12

Read username.

send her my way, ill make her happy ;)

Doubt it

#14 - If you're so immature or your insecurity is so low that you have to reduce to hitting on random strangers online the chances are slim that you're good enough to get anything regularly enough to be sufficiently in practice; let alone able to satisfy. Stick with making your arm strong.