Weird assumption

By writer4life - 17/01/2010 05:30 - United States

Today, I went on a date with a guy I met online. While cuddling on the couch, he asked me for a blow job. I refused. He said, "But I thought big girls liked doing that." FML
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That is horrifying. I hope you ended it there

haha, what did you expect you met him online.


That is horrifying. I hope you ended it there

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haha, what did you expect you met him online.

she expected to get her potato chip licked

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Just because you meet someone online doesn't mean that person is a weird ass PoS like OP's guy. My best friend met her husband on a language exchange website! It all boils down to the fact that there are weird people in the world and there are normal people. Also, OP really should've webcammed with him a lot before the date in order to get a better gauge of his character...

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guys don't really ask for bjs via webcam.

There could be other red flags or warning signs that she could pick up before him, ones that would suggest that he's the type to ask for a BJ and insult her weight.

2nd...:D that's why you shouldn't date online

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That guy is an idiot. You could do better than that

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yet u misspell is

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What has the world come to...

The U and the I are right next to each other. It was probably just a typo. Lay off.

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cuz they re fat.....

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Cause they HAVE to.. zomg gigglz

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Should have bit it off!

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yummy! cock flavor!

shoulda punched him in the jimmy

maybe you should have given him a terrible bj just to disprove the the rumor

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haha i agree with that, end that vicious rumor

Just because you like doing something, doesn't mean you're good at it.

Wait, let me get this straight. Fat girls don't like sucking dick?

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I don't think anyone likes sucking dick.

Speak for yourself... I actually enjoy giving my boyfriend blowjobs.

Some people enjoy giving them, some don't, but the guy really should never pressure for it

THANK YOU finnaly someone that isn't Sex crazy, someone that knows to say no. THANK YOU