By Anonymous - 05/08/2021 22:02

Today, I went on a date with my crush and I was so desperate to impress him, I talked him into a blowjob, after he turned down full sex since it was only a first date. He asked me to stop halfway through, because apparently I have bad technique and hurt him with my teeth. He left. I’m such an idiot. FML
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That sucks. You know there's trouble when someone needs to be "talked into a *******."

diraven 15

First rule of giving ******** - don't use your teeth


That sucks. You know there's trouble when someone needs to be "talked into a *******."

Pathetic. You're desperate and have low self esteem and low standards. You embarrassed yourself. The bj in vain should be a permanent reminder to your desperation which needs to be curtailed.

"In vein?" Ha! I see what you did there. Ordinarily, things done futilely are "in vain."

You know what else is "in vain"? The autocorrect on my phone. My apologies, mister...

Practice makes perfect.

Yeah, but who wants to supply the practice dick as the OP progresses from horrible to bad to irritating to boring? Once they attain mediocrity, I can imagine that practice dicks will pop up everywhere.

bleachedraven 14

I literally lol'ed at these comments 🤣

That's why friends with benefits exist. To help the inexperienced get experience...

diraven 15

First rule of giving ******** - don't use your teeth

People who have "crushes" are pretty much undateable. Instead of thinking about dating your "crush", think of dates as an opportunity to get to know someone and to have a good time. You don't need to like someone to date them. You can just think they look interesting, and then date them to see if you like them. No commitment. You can't be in love with someone if you don't know them, and you can't know them by stalking their social media or writing their name hundreds of times in a notebook. That's not how this works.

How about not pressuring people into sexual acts in the first place. Gross.

bobsanction 18

So basically you sexually assaulted him by coercing him into sex. You should turn yourself into the police for your crime.

There are pages out there dedicated to helping you improve. Don’t give up. Hope things work better next time.

Ouch. That pressure in your chest is NOT love, prob'ly not even lust. Mine was some sort of love-addict codependent frenzy, but I recognized that bull**** this time. I spent Friday with a friend from high school, and it knocked the frenzy into something I can manage. ...And just to be sure it stuck, I spent Sunday with another. Maybe slow down. Spend some time with people, date different kinds of people. Heck, make friends with your dates. For that matter, make friends with some men. Ungh, I wish I could just open your head and pour in a vast database of knowledge. You're not stupid; you're inexperienced. And I don't just mean sex. Sounds like you've not yet learned to manage your need for love and acceptance. I wish you the best.