By Anonymous - 23/04/2013 15:49 - Australia

Today, my mother and I saw a stall selling colourful treats at the shopping centre. Some were placed on small dishes, so we thought we'd sample their goods. Turns out that the colourful goodies that we'd bit into were very creative pieces of soap. FML
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You just randomly bit into the things on the dish without asking what they were or asking permission?

Cusefan5 6

Well at least your mouths are now clean


Cusefan5 6

Well at least your mouths are now clean

Would have done me good... I have such a potty mouth.

Well at least they aren't pretty patties where you choose a color and then become the color after eating it

Lets just eat whatever colorful objects we see at sketchy stalls In a mall because **** logic...

RedPillSucks 31

Well, wash out my mouth! How could you not tell the difference? If not by sight, then by smell.

I have smelled soap that I could have sworn was a strawberry if it weren't for the label! I still tried tasting it though...

They found out by that other great sense, taste!

Especially since it's a stall full of soap. They usually have a pretty strong soapy smell, even when you're just walking past.

Well who the hell eats soap and knows what it tastes like?

Well, my parents actually disciplined me when I was younger. When I cussed I got my mouth washed out with soap. It shit.

Are we to assume you also know the taste of shit? ;)

If you had a dirty mouth, why didn't you clean it up with Orbit?

Because it's all about the trident layers.

Shrouds 14

Getting payed in gum? Hurray welfare!

Not knowing how to spell "paid"! Hurray public school!

I honestly just wanted to get a comment in because it was a recent upload. It was painfully unfunny, now please do me a favor and bury my previous comment to death.

The_Honey_Badger 17

Well, unless they had something like body wash there, FYL. If it was obvious that it sold soap, YDI.

The_Honey_Badger 17

Even if it looked like food you should be able to feel that it's not as soon as you pick it up. Soap has a very distinctive texture.

Not necessarily, I've seen homemade dessert soaps that look and "feel" extremely edible. Don't let the name fool you though, they're just soaps in the shape of cupcakes, hard candies and such. I do have one question: who just randomly grabs something, even off a sample tray, and shoves it in their mouth without reading surrounding signs to know what it is?

Not just that, but who takes free samples without asking if they're free samples. I know a lot of food stores or cafes will sometimes have food on a plate at the counter, but they certainly aren't free samples.

Really? Just, I've seen many soaps that are designed to look like food but, even when pretty convincing to look at, you could still always tell the difference when you picked them up. It's pretty hard to make soap feel like a spongey cupcake. You must have seen some pretty amazing soaps. :x

Sorry, I guess I should have been clearer. They're obviously not believable as cupcakes, but the hard candy and other candy shaped ones could definitely fool someone. There's a lady at a market place that hand crafts them right down to the tiniest detail. I'm still not sure what purpose soap the size of candy serves.

At least now you don't need to worry about that age old punishment of rinsing your mouth out for bad language. You did it yourself. *slow clap*

Does that mean Op now has a couple free cuss words to use? I mean, since she's already taken the punishment...

Hershey's "Do you Kiss your mother with that mouth? Wash it out with soap!"

You just randomly bit into the things on the dish without asking what they were or asking permission?

RedPillSucks 31

Some stores have food samples that are there for people to try. Still, I agree with the YDI implication.

Misaki18 17

There are usually workers nearby to tell you that you can take a sample in order to avoid people taking all of the samples.

If there wasn't an employee nearby, I wouldn't touch the samples anyway, even if a sign said what they were. You never know when someone will find it hilarious to mess with good samples sitting out unattended. Soap was one of the better options considering.


Yeah, sea star, and seashell flavored candy is popular!

Tim2415 16

I hate it when that happens!

420Zombie 17

Goddamn, those look delicious!!