By ow - 17/01/2010 05:25 - United States

Today, I learned that when you put duct tape over your mouth because you are bored, it really hurts taking it off. FML
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I really hope you aren't over the age of 12.



voveraite 7

Duck tape? OMG, what part of ducks do they use to make it from? :O

itsmyflife1323 0

like chopping your fingers off won't hurt? hahhah

Obviously women don't..... Oh, when will they learn to stay in the kitchen and have no thoughts or ideas? Sigh......that'll be the day

Duck tape was actually the original name for it, so either is appropriate.

um how is that a FML? it's ducktape grow up

EmmaMarieCullen 0

no it doesn't! it doesn't hurt

dude it's duct tape they use it for air ducts

actually it is ducT tape. ducK tape is just a brand of ducT tape.

noobgang7 5

Really, you think that hurts? Cleary you haven't had a friend put duct tape on your legs. The FML is the op is retarded enough to actually do this.

@131 I agree. That doesnt hurt. But it might if OP has a mustache.....

Sometimes you get bored enough to try the most random shit. And yes, that includes duct taping your mouth shut for no reason. And then realizing that you've dug yourself into a hole.

1. Did you make an account just for this rip related post?! 2. I learned it hurts when your girlfriend puts duct tape all over you're balls after you slept together for the first time.

I really hope you aren't over the age of 12.

broken_chaos 0

It's not actually that bad, unless you've really sealed it up well... Saliva often does half the job -- you can sometimes get the duct tape almost entirely off without even touching it with your hands, for instance.

That is disgusting. I'm assuming you have experience... vat a douchebag.

why is this an FML I'm preety sure ur not the only one whose put duct tape on some part of their body and realized the removal of the duct tape wasn't pain free... suck it up this isn't an FML

unless your lips came off, this isn't an FML. you suck.