By red_headforlife - United States - Chandler
Today, I was so happy to be leaving the hospital after breaking my arm the night before. Just as I walked out of the doors, a huge ambulance team was running in at the same time and knocked me down full force. I now have a broken ankle. FML
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  nikininja  |  4

Contrarily Nordrag, I believe it is you who is confused. iNewkid is still expressing his condolences for OP, he is simply posting them in response to #1 so his comment is more readily seen.

  prettyinpink03  |  11

No, no. I have two broken toes currently. Not quite the gravity of an arm and an ankle, but walking is no easy task. I've also broken quite a few others so I can definitely relate.


Actually, the ambulance team likely doesn't work for the hospital; similarly, the hospital likely does not HAVE a hospital team on staff. Generally emergency medical transportation is an independent business entity, one that feeds on those it helps. I was take to the hospital after a wreck once, their fees are astronomical! I was charged $3,500 for a ten minute ride. Vultures.

  evilplatypus  |  38

62 - I had to transfer hospitals (from a community hospital to private inpatient care), the ambulance ride was about 3,000 dollars. Fifteen minutes and there was only a driver and a guy sitting talking to me. Most expensive taxi ever.

  Bibliovore  |  26

#62: It depends on the hospital; some, especially larger ones or in areas where there aren't other services around, have their own ambulances and EMT teams. Some are more exhorbitant than others, but they're always expensive. 8/

  snbr91  |  3

It was probably his fault for going out the wrong door. Hospitals use different doors for discharge and emergency vehicles for a reason.

  turkturkington  |  13

Get over it mate. The culture of suing disgusts me. You'd have a different opinion if it was your family member's life the paramedics were trying to save, which is probably more useful than what you do in your day-to-day life. I agree with the above post. What a dick.

By  llama612  |  27

Wow that truly sucks OP but least help was nearby. I know some people are gonna say sue which you could and honestly I would but mainly just for any medical bills you might receive.