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Today, I was so happy to be leaving the hospital after breaking my arm the night before. Just as I walked out of the doors, a huge ambulance team was running in at the same time, and knocked me down full force. I now have a broken ankle. FML
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Oh, the irony... Hospitals injuring patients? It sounds like they just dont want you to leave.

At least you were close to help! I truly hope you feel better. I have broken bones and it is not fun.


At least you were close to help! I truly hope you feel better. I have broken bones and it is not fun.

Contrarily Nordrag, I believe it is you who is confused. iNewkid is still expressing his condolences for OP, he is simply posting them in response to #1 so his comment is more readily seen.

No, no. I have two broken toes currently. Not quite the gravity of an arm and an ankle, but walking is no easy task. I've also broken quite a few others so I can definitely relate.

Op, i think its better if u sue the hospital. I hope you feel better. This shouldn't be an accident that should occur in a hospital.

16-Nordrag knew that he was replying to OP, he was just sarcastically pointing out that they are thread-jacking.

36- Yeah because suing is always the right thing to do... -_-

#88, In this case? Yes, if they don't cover it immediately. Ambulance company is also partly responsible.

Oh, the irony... Hospitals injuring patients? It sounds like they just dont want you to leave.

I don't believe OP though. All hospitals have a separate entrance for ambulances in the back. You can't leave that way either.

My hospital doesn't. You enter the emergency room through the same door the ambulance parks in front of.

42 - I would expect the hospital to give her compensation. If not, theres a problem

Actually, the ambulance team likely doesn't work for the hospital; similarly, the hospital likely does not HAVE a hospital team on staff. Generally emergency medical transportation is an independent business entity, one that feeds on those it helps. I was take to the hospital after a wreck once, their fees are astronomical! I was charged $3,500 for a ten minute ride. Vultures.

62 - I had to transfer hospitals (from a community hospital to private inpatient care), the ambulance ride was about 3,000 dollars. Fifteen minutes and there was only a driver and a guy sitting talking to me. Most expensive taxi ever.

#62: It depends on the hospital; some, especially larger ones or in areas where there aren't other services around, have their own ambulances and EMT teams. Some are more exhorbitant than others, but they're always expensive. 8/

These comments make me appreciate the NHS...

It was probably his fault for going out the wrong door. Hospitals use different doors for discharge and emergency vehicles for a reason.

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Well their rushing was probably for the greater good. Anyways sorry OP see if they will pay for any damages done.

Have fun with you 6-8 weeks where you can barely do anything

32- Have fun getting thumbed down for being rude.

At least you were already doped up on pain medicine and in the hospital? You need to be wrapped in bubble wrap! Fun, and safe.

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Only sue if they don't pay for your medical bill. You were injured because of them

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Everyone needs to stop being so sue happy, shit happens. Just see if they'll cover the costs of your ankle being fixed.

>Said Apple<. Try googling: apple sues. See how much pops up. 6 just means that Apple is very fond of sueing and is making fun of them

I think she meant sue if the hospital or ambulance people or whoever you would hold responsible won't pay for the medical expenses. Not sue for $69696969...

Wow that's probably on camera.... I'd get all the money I could out of that

For people rushing to get others medical care? It obviously wasn't intentional. What a dick.

Get over it mate. The culture of suing disgusts me. You'd have a different opinion if it was your family member's life the paramedics were trying to save, which is probably more useful than what you do in your day-to-day life. I agree with the above post. What a dick.

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At least you were close. I hope you feel better soon though! :3

Have you been flirting with one of the doctors? I smell conspiracy! :-p

Wow that truly sucks OP but least help was nearby. I know some people are gonna say sue which you could and honestly I would but mainly just for any medical bills you might receive.