By strawberrywine22 - 28/09/2012 02:14 - United States - Torrance

Today, my husband of five years left me for a woman ten years older than himself who lives nine hours away. He met her online two weeks ago while playing Call of Duty. FML
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OP here :) No, I'm NOT a terrible wife. I had a situation that caused sex to be very painful for me, so we weren't doing it very much. He got frustrated, this ***** started chatting with him. I moved in with my parents, and two weeks later he ended it with her (without even meeting her in person yet) realizing that it was his sexual frustration talking. We are back together and working things out, which is easier now that I've been to the doctor and had my situation taken care of. Thanks for the sympathy, and a big FECK OFF to the haters ;)

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SApprentice 34

Ah well, don't worry about it too much. They'll both become addicted to various games until their relationship falls apart from neglect. Now you know what kind of character he has, and can find someone who is really good for you.

randomthing 22


SApprentice 34

Ah well, don't worry about it too much. They'll both become addicted to various games until their relationship falls apart from neglect. Now you know what kind of character he has, and can find someone who is really good for you.

Well, no more wasting your time! Get out there and find a REAL man. ;)

Huh... usually when I play COD all I find is young guys telling me they made it with my mom..

That sucks something shocking... :( I'm waiting until someone coins the phrase 'couples who play together, stay together' while I have my boyfriend to thank for making me a COD freak if that happened to me and would **** up every single kill streak he had

AFloppyWetWhale 6

20 - I usually just find 8 year olds telling me they're better than me until we 1v1 and they rage quit hahaha either that or I tell them I don't speak squeaker!

I'm so sorry op. That's the "call of duty" for you. Flush the spineless pice of shit and forget about him. You will find someone who will be good to you soon. When he comes crawling,begging you to take him back,please don't do it. He did you a favor. Take care op. :-)

spekledworf 18

I love my video games, but in moderation. I dated a guy who had video games as his top priority. Now he's unemployed, living at home and collecting- and the money he gets typically goes to more video games.

I hope he has actually seen "her" else he's in for a nasty shock.

randomthing 22

Yea find someone who plays's better.

Or Battlefield. Then at least they might know how to work together. Well, maybe...

Cat_Daniels 6

Sucks for you op, your husband is a douche. Hope you find someone worthy of your love!

I know exactly what to do: 1) Get a 10 kill streak 2) Call in an air strike on his mistress' house! Problem solved! lol :D

Air strike is 5 kills, i think. Well at least in MW3. But who cares! You sir, still win.

Yea at 10 kill streak, you can send an assault drone into that bitch's house. Talk about some damage

PhishloverA 14

#9 it seems the husband already started the divorce process against his wife

This reminds me of family guy episode where Peter falls in love with a cardboard cutout. Sorry OP.

you seriously can't tell OP made this up? its bullcrap! the husbands move is hard to believe, but still possibe. what makes it ridiculuous is how his wife of 5 years makes a post about it on FML the day he leaves her

Whistlee 8

That sounds attractive. A far away, much older woman addicted to CoD. I wouldn't worry too much-

For all he knows that 'woman' could be some fat, lonely 40-year-old creep.

BunBunBabe 8

No kidding what a step down regardless

He needs to be get some sense slapped into him.

You are clearly better off him. Do you have kids ? Because if you do, he's the worst husband and the worst father. If don't, be happy that you can find someone better now.

kirbeaar 19

Agreed. My uncle's wife did the same thing to him. On top of it all, she neglects her children because she's so busy playing video games.

Part of me says that he's a jerk for leaving you so suddenly, but then another part of me is saying, "Really? That's ALL it took for him to justify leaving you? You must not be a very good wife or very compatible with him"

tne201992 12

I think it's the husbands fault. Cheating is horrible and what he did, gave him the nominee of dick of the year. Don't assume shit.

Because its always the wifes fault hey? No ones ever a dick 'just coz'? Gaaah. You make my brain hurt

Ok I don't agree with 13 considering the situation, but you guys are hypocritical idiots. He said that he is considering both sides and saying it may be the husbands fault, or it may be the wives, and you guys reply "Don't be an assumptions dick. It can't possibly be the wives fault. It's definitely that the husband is a dick."

madz5758 10

I don't think I would jump to the conclusion that she was a "bad wife", but it's obvious that they had marital issues if that was all it took for him to leave. Seems like he was looking for an "out" or an excuse to leave her and this woman was it. Good luck to you OP...

Why would that be fml ? Lots of people play COD. Including me.