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  persiancutie  |  0

hahaha i moderated this
YDI for drinking too much and maybe deep deep deep very deep you had feelings for her and thats why you made out with her XD
who knows? maybe tomorrow you'll get a raise hahhahahaha!
who am i kidding

  FarSide  |  22

Besides giving her a ride on the road to Hell, I am sure her self esteem skyrocketed. Similarly, your self esteem probably hit an all-time low... I would be embarrassed to admit this episode to my closest friend.


@ 46

so you are running your mouth off about something YOU HAVE NO EXPERIENCE ON?
yeah, that makes so much fucking sense.
you can't call someone an idiot for drinking too much when you have never fucking drank.

have fun with that boring straight edge'd life of yours


No, no, and no. You see why people have ABSOLUTELY NO respect to drinkers? It is a horrible habbit, and many European countries stop it, so can the other side of the world too?!?

By  Conkers  |  0

To top it off, the chances are she can't get pregnant, so there's no chance of her husband, if she has one, finding out. To put it bluntly, I think she may think you want 2nds.