The Force

By RobinBunny713 - 19/07/2011 03:23 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were having a romantic moment when I made a Star Wars reference. I don't know what's worse, the fact that I said it or the fact that he seemed more turned on by it. FML
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Did you say 'I am your father..' because you'd be surprised at how many people like that

littlemissFYL 5

who's your father now, Luke?

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I herd nerd chicks have a tight ******.

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I herd nerd chicks have a tight ******.

I had a boyfriend like this. he would pop a boner if anything involved a female and star wars. he also would pop one if I bit his finger :/

How is this an FML? Everyone makes Star Wars references sometimes. It doesn't make you a geek. "Today, my boyfriend and I were being romantic and I made a clever reference to a popular movie series; I turned him on even more. FML" Problem?

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*58 lmao I love when you comment! you're always so open about things

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now you can call each other anakin and padmé!!

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58- I bet he told you that "The force is strong with this one"

As long as you didn't say we're like Leia and Luke you'll be fine OP.

Bwahahaha "Yoda, teach me how to use the force. wink wink."

that's because biting his finger was hot. duh.

Haha 58 has 40 unconfirmed fml's. I think you complain too much..

haha 135 is a profile stalker and makes irrelevant stupid comments.

So many dudes been with your mom who even knows if I'm your father.

lol 162 usually it's about three past boyfriends I've had, they've all done weird things lmao. and yes 135 I have 40 unconfirmed FMLs, a lot are from a year ago, and when some weren't confirmed I'd resend them over and over like a loser, they were good FMLs too :(

55 have you no pride I'm already the awesome tasty EvilHero.

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I've been the evil hero since 2008

rallets 22

the force is strong in his pants

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You sound like Penny from the show Big Bang Theory!

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Yogo_fml 7

Sorry my stupid iPod made me comment on the wrong post :[

Yeah lol your comment would make sense for 3-hockeykidincanada

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46- Yeah that was the post I was going to comment on :/

Well I hope you two are happy together!:)

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well star wars isn't that attractive. lol.

I beg to differ. What guy didn't dig the **** out of Leia in the gold bikini as Jabba's sex slave?

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did you reach in his pants and find the force?

104 - I think she found a red lightsaber instead.

star wars is orgasmic I don't know what your smoking

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nah bro , i thank hes rite ...

Christ, why does FML attract every dickbreath 'tard that can't spell?

ImaWiseGuy 5

did you reach in his pants and find the force?

Thanks for the information, Captain Obvious, but what does that have to do with anything?

captain obvious, of all the things you could have said, you said that, wow

Christ, why does FML attract every dick breath troll in the world?

I want a boyfriend who likes star wars ;,(

#4 I might become a fan of Star wars if you are pretty :p lol

What do you mean? you can't tell how pretty she is by her knee picture?

hehe ^^ it was a foot :D but it's gone now to a better place ;,(


yeah summertime came and the snowman melted :(

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my username is a star wars reference ;p

if you know how to read then you would realize that I said "IF you are pretty" ;)

that's cold... ok this is like the third comment on this post. I need to stop

I've liked it for as long as I can remember, straight up lol

Come to my town. There's a bunch of us here. ^_~

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I luv star wars (and u look pretty cute) :)

hmmm force is strong in you I sense use is wisely you must

wait, isn't 99% of the male population star wars fans?

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Girlfriend who makes references to movies with Samuel Jackson in them?!? What's not to love?

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you look creepy and old; I doubt she would be into that

154 - Those are not the star wars movies you're looking for.

I live in Africa and love Star Wars! I'm a girl though :-/

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175 - Samuel L. Jackson is in starwars.....

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haha i watch star wars all the time and i used to get in light saber fights with my brother. May the force be with you :D

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wait not everyone likes/ knows random starwars quotes??

199 He was implying that the movies with samuel jackson in them (prequel trilogy) aren't half as good as the original three

all men like star wars so you're in luck. just stay away from the little boys with their boring NFL addictions.

If you know how humor works he was being sarcastic

Yogo_fml 7

Exactly! If they both enjoyed it, then I really don't see the problem. :)

lmao. well atleast it didn't go down badly :)

dude with that tongue, you are going to get so laid

Yeah, cause all chicks want are strangers with long tongues...

TheBigWaffle 6

it's a girl with alopecea (not sure how it's spelled) which Is usually total and complete lack of hair anywhere on the body

The man clearly wants to take a dive into your Sarlacc pit, Leah.

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Everyone has their own fetishes no need to get all creeped out

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but that's from southpark it's not a REAL fetish...or is it? 0_o

That's a HARD fact to be ignored. Take advantage of it.