By fmylyfe - 09/11/2013 14:15 - United States - Saint Paul

Today, while working at Chipotle, a teenage girl asked in all seriousness if she "could have a steak burrito, but with like, chicken instead?" FML
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Chicken fried steak, anyone? The most confusing dish name ever.

euphoricness 28

And then she asked for sour scream and cheese without like, the cheese?


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A brunette asking this? Whatcha trying to say? :)

Or maybe a chubby brunette who stero types? Fyi...Not all blondes are dumb

JMichael 25

I've noticed that it only pertains to female blondes though. No one makes fun of a male blonde for idiocy.

#40: Dumb enough to post practically naked pictures of yourself on the internet. Also, please don't call her a "chubby brunette".

MichellinMan 20

Oh boy, here comes hair color WAR!

#44 it's called a bikini in a photo shoot. What, you've never seen a girl in one? Figures

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#40: Ad hominem really didn't help your case. If you don't want to be referred to as dumb because of your hair color, atleast defend yourself in a way that DOESN'T emphasize your stupidity.

How dair u make that stereotipe. Us blondes ain't dum. No, I don't care when people say the dumb blonde jokes. When I do something stupid, I will even say I am having a blonde moment. People are too sensitive now days.

Says the blonde in a bikini as a profile pic. Ya you don't fit that stereotype at all huh? Or are you just playing the part?

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I've met both smart blondes and dumb brunettes, but most people will agree that "blondes are dumb."


#42 if they were male it would just be "blond", thus we avoid any stereotype of "blondes".

Awwwe guys, #40 thinks she gets credibility because she's "hot"! Yes, hun, that's a great way to prove your intelligence. Not like anyone can be a model Roth today's computer editing. Because, you know, they totally don't edit every picture before using it...

There is no evidence supporting that blonde girls say or do more dumb things than girls with other hair colors, and I consider it wrong to stereotype any person based solely on appearance traits. I am pretty sure everyone has a 'blonde moment' every now and then. Personally I don't mind a good 'dumb blonde' joke, but if people actually believe that blonde girls generally are dumber than other people, I think they have less between their ears than any blonde.

Wasn't there a lot more comments here a minute ago?

The chubby cheeked brunette speaks the truth.

Chicken fried steak, anyone? The most confusing dish name ever.

Next time I eat out, I shall ask for fried chicken that is baked, saltfish without salt, and for dessert....carrot cake, but no carrots.

perdix 29

#2, that's my runner-up. My winner is Spotted Dick -- how is this not an STD?

At my job, I have people that will order a buffalo "chicken" sandwich and then question why it's not bison when I bring it to them. :P

It's "chicken-fried steak". As in, steak fried in the manner of fried chicken. Not that confusing.

If you never had it, the word "chicken" will throw you off. "Steak" doesn't always mean beef (ever hear of salmon steaks etc...?) but it does mean beef in this case.

Zimmington 21

56- "Chicken spotted Dick steak" great dish name

skyeyez9 24

I saw a can of Spotted Dick in the international food section of a grocery store. Some british dessert I think? And a can of Treacle....which I only recognized cause its in the Harry Potter books.

120 - A conversation about foods. "Dafuq" does it sound like?

"Can I please have some French Fries with that too? But please keep them like, American."

Chicken fried steak? Reminds me of that episode on Boy Meets World

Ecudaniel 16

Well in her defense we do have boneless ribs...

More like f her life, she has to live with being an idiot.

I don't know, after all ignorance is bliss.

Exactly, this doesn't ruin his or her day at all. A sad little story but nothing you should be FMLing over...

I'm sorry, but how is this a FML... She wasn't very bright, okay, but why does that mean shit for you?

Ahh doesn't it piss you off when a comment gets moderated and you don't get to know what it said?

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Today, I made a comment on FML and it got moderated! FML

Zimmington 21

Yes but then we get to use our imagination to guess what ludicrous thing she could've uttered

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Lol your comment got moderated

euphoricness 28

And then she asked for sour scream and cheese without like, the cheese?

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I once did a mock impromptu debate in middle school and my team won solely because the other team wouldn't stop saying "like." Our arguments were better formed anyway.

#6: I'll take a bitter cackle over a sour scream. Personal preference you know.

jazzy_123 20

she's that customer that says "uhh yeah can I have a cheeseburger with no cheese...?"

That BLT, but without the bacon or lettuce…

Who the **** takes bacon off a sandwich!?

TheLydster 11

Yesterday at chipotle this lady asked for a rice bowl with no rice.

Maybe she just meant she wanted one with the same other ingredients that burrito has but with chicken instead? Still, pretty dumb.

That's not the case here, Chipotle is like Subway, they assemble the burrito in front of you and you tell them what you want in it as you go down the line.

Oooh. I didn't know that. I've never been to Chipotle.

That sounds so amazing, really wish Mexican food was more popular in SA :(

perdix 29

#78, and I wish we had biltong and boerewors over here :)

I still don't see why she was being dumb. I've never heard of Chipotle though, and AFAIK Subway is an underground train (seriously worst name for sandwich chain ever). Anyway I've never been in either and don't know how they work, but I can't see why it would be so dumb to order a steak burrito with the steak replaced with chicken.

Zimmington 21

91- because there was no need to say "steak burrito but with chicken" when she could order a chicken burrito

Maybe the chicken burrito didn't have stuff she liked

91- ever think that maybe they're called sub sandwiches because the bun they're made on is shaped similar to a subway? For whatever reason I always thought that might be part of the etymology. Or it could be random coincidence and whoever started the Subway chain wanted to play up the fact that they specialize in sub sandwiches. Either way, still not the worst name for a sandwich place ever. But the teenager was stupid because there was no reason to ask for a steak burrito but with chicken. She could've just asked for a chicken burrito. It's like asking for a chocolate milkshake, but with vanilla flavor instead. It's ridiculous.

as long as the point gets across there is nothing wrong with the phrasing... when I was a kid with very little knowledge of English (which is not my native language), I visited the US on a trip with family. At some point I wanted to order chocolate milk, and found no way to say it to the cashier other than "hot chocolate, but cold". I didn't know it was called chocolate milk, but I knew 'hot chocolate'. The point is that it doesn't ******* matter. I got what I wanted in the end. In a similar situation I once asked for ice water with no ice. I guess I didn't remember the word "cold", or something. Again, as long as the point gets across it doesn't make a ******* difference. Some people have difficulty phrasing themselves and if you think that makes them dumb, then **** you.

....the most MEXICAN thing about chipotle are the employees. No joke. The food is what my coworkers and I refer to as "fancier tex-mex food."

Because you assemble the burrito or whatever (tacos, bowls, salads and burritos) right in front of the customer. And we have four meats. For her to say that is like for me to ask for a ham sandwich, "but with turkey instead."

It's times like this that make me ashamed to be a teenage girl

You're ashamed because someone else is an idiot, and you might be the same age as them? That's quite a bit weak minded. You're an individual, not a piece of a mob.

I'm aware I'm an individual, yes. I'm saying that because I'm a teenage girl, people stereotype that all teenage girls are stupid because of the few, publicized teenage girls who are idiots.

jazzy_123 20

#8 um no. People don't stereotype that ALL teenage girls are stupid. So speak for yourself. I would understand if they asked if it was a blonde, and I'm saying this in a non-offensive way.

Zimmington 21

#97- follow 87's instructions & you'll see

the greatness of this generation at its finest.

There are stupid people in every generation. Not sure how old you are #9, but I'm going to take a guess and say you're part of George Bush's generation and that speaks for itself.

kyu_Q 19

sone people try to make their order sound more sophisticated than they really are.

\ 28

"I request your finest grilled-beef sandwich delicacy endowed with the finest condiments you have available. I also would like a bit of swag to go along with it."

Our finest mustard would be our yolo. Our finest ketchup, be-Heinz!

The things that happen while working at chipotle are ridiculous. I feel your pain.