By Falling off the wagon - 09/11/2013 13:20 - United Kingdom - Brighton

Today, my uncle gave me a very expensive bottle of champagne at a celebratory family event. We were celebrating me spending 1 year sober. FML
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ViRepz 28

Well it can serve as a great reminder to keep going with your sobriety.

If you've been sober that long I'm sure you can stay strong and resist it. Did your uncle even know what the celebration was for though? That's pretty inconsiderate.


ViRepz 28

Well it can serve as a great reminder to keep going with your sobriety.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Or since it's quality champagne it'd be the perfect thing to quit doing this whole "sobriety" shindig. Honestly, who the hell can go through life sober!? Every day's a good day to get shitfaced! Going to school? Drink a pint of Jäger! Have to go to work? Might as well drown yourself in a bottle of red wine! Just sick and tired of your mediocre life? That's what whiskey was created for!

#33 sounds like someone other than OP on here has a drinking problem maybe you should try being sober life can be fun with out being drunk all the time.

Yes it can, but not without being high all the time. That's where the real fun is at

\ 28

Instead of all this, just keep the unopened bottle as a decoration/reminder of OP's struggle, and as a testament to OP's will

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Haha, Jesus Christ. I was kidding! It was a god damn joke. I thought that'd be pretty obvious, but you're right.. I'll sign up for AA and NA right now. Can't seem to kick this cocaine and whiskey sour addiction. I mean, they go together so, so well. Haha.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I thought since you picked up and went along with it, other people would realize it was a joke as well. But, I was wrong and apparently I need to go to AA. We'll have a helluva story to tell there though! "My name is McFeelii and the Internet says I'm an alcoholic" Haha..

If you've been sober that long I'm sure you can stay strong and resist it. Did your uncle even know what the celebration was for though? That's pretty inconsiderate.

"Today, we were having a celebratory family event for my nephew. I bought a very expensive bottle of champagne for him. Turns out, we were celebrating the fact he has been one year sober. FML"

Sometimes these are funny, sometimes they aren't. This is one if those times when it's not funny. #28

#29 Sometimes comments fail, sometimes they don't..... and something else I don't remember.

#46 living up to their username once again

It wouldn't hurt to take a small swig. Don't get too tipsy.

You don't know a whole lot about alcoholism, do you?

#3: My dad a recovering alcoholic. He's been off it for probably ten years, but he's still terrified of alcohol and returning to his perpetually drunk state. No alcohol is allowed in the house, at family functions, or by family members. We do this out of respect for him because the craving is ALWAYS THERE.

Yeah, leave #3 alone. She's just an ignorant little teenager who thinks she's lived life because she got drunk once or twice and decided to start wearing big girl panties.

What a completely idiotic comment, 43. You know nothing about her. However dumb the comment she made, you cannot make assumptions about her life from that.

Well, I am indeed an idiot, so my comment is completely justified.

45: Spoken like another truly clueless teenager. What #3 said is so profoundly stupid it almost defies comprehension. Only someone who knows so little about addiction could make such an ignorant comment.

I've learned about alcohol and drug addiction from 6th grade to this year (11th grade). Where it is required to learned about the consequences for that long of a time at my school. I'm pretty sure I have the knowledge to understand how hard it is.

euphoricness 28

57, Doc was referring to 3 about her ignorance of addiction, not yours. Or maybe both.

60, I do understand some people disagreed with my comment. Thus, the down votes. However he did call me a "clueless teenager" which was a completely false accusation.

#57 learning About it some book at school does not mean you have knowledge on it, it just means you've heard about it but to have true knowledge and understanding of it comes from actual life experience, and you saying you saying that you're in 11th grade just proves docbastards point you are just another teenager that thinks they know everything.

luckyone365 7

25: that's lame. just because he"d a loser, shouldn't mean the rest of the family should suffer.

@66 How about you try getting over a drug addiction and see if you feel the same way as you do now? I'm sure 25 would rather have a sober dad than alcohol in the house.

luckyone365 7

79: only losers have drug addictions. my point still stands

I did not say that I was a teenager that knows all. However I do believe I am armed with a good amount of knowledge on the subject. I have had a soccer coach who's was sadly a raging alcoholic. I understood why he wouldn't show up and eventually quit. Although the knowledge from books helped me understand the true hardships he faced during his battle to sobriety.

#83 I think you should stop talking just because someone has a problem and they are trying to get better doesn't makes them losers or weak it makes the strong and smart

catchmenow - I said you're a clueless teenager because 99.9999% of teenagers are clueless. I used to be a clueless teenager too, and it wasn't until I was much older that I realised just how little I knew (though I thought I knew plenty).

For somebody who likes Dr. Who, you're pretty stupid #3.

luckyone365 7

86, how is being pathetic a way of being strong? You make no sense.

Even as a teenager myself, I know that Doc was correct. I might have learned it or may be learning it, but I won't KNOW it for possibly decades to come. Everything isn't in books or on TV, more of the worlds youth needs to know this, not just me

sarahbevan20 11

#43....Excuse me, Mr. High and Mighty. When did you become the ignorant teenager police? Oh, never, you say? Wow. Ok then, shut the **** up and stop being such a judgmental prick! No one asked for your uneducated opinion. Buh bye

#96 thats the most stupid thing i have ever heard. You are just assuming that every teenager is stupid because you were. Thats complete bullshit!! She might be young but she might have had enough experience with alcoholism to have an own impression. Sorry if any words are written wrong. Im not a native

You're that special kind of stupid, aren't you? That's not how alcoholism works.

That's when you smash the bottle against your car as a christening and take off.

I would of smashed it on his car and said I wanted to christen your car for you It's my way of saying thank you for everything you've done for me today. i promise it didn't go unnoticed and then just walk away smiling. .

#53 just because my name is sweetascandy doesn't mean I'm not human like everybody else I admit I make mistakes like everyone and if I were to do something like that I would feel really bad afterward however just because I am sweet doesn't mean I allow for people to step all of over me either.

#82 in the heat of the moment ya I probably would have but like I said I would of regretted it later.

evan_7899 28

Happy anniversary, lets get shitfaced! Says uncle

Though it looks inappropriate, it wouldn't hurt to drink just a little. Just stay below tipsy.

No. That's the worst thing recovering alcoholics can do. Saying it "wouldn't hurt" is the furthest thing from the truth. You are simply encouraging a relapse for addiction.

It would hurt a lot. That's the point of going sober! If you've had a drinking problem, even a little sip could make you relapse!

If the person is a recovering alcoholic, "just a little" could be REALLY bad..

An alcoholic can't have even one sip, ever. Learn that lesson and don't ever say such a ******* stupid thing again. Because there will be some who will be weak and wanting to drink so badly that they will use your words to convince themselves to drink again. And an alcoholic CAN'T stay below tipsy. That's what makes them an alcoholic.

'One cigarette can't hurt. I've been quit for two years.' - Me. '**** me, why did I smoke that cigarette.' - Me. Six months of trying to quit /again/ later.

sarahbevan20 11

All it takes is one sip to send them into a full-blown addiction, possibly worse than the first time..... Never a good idea to give someone recovering from an addiction even a little bit of what they were addicted to.

keep it as memorabilia to your sobriety OP :)

speechprincess 15

And have the temptation right there? Not worth the risk.

Wow, that was a dick move on your uncle's part. Congrats on 1 year sober OP and hopefully you didn't drink of that champagne.

Just distribute it to everyone else to allow them to have a good time and show everyone your restraint. Let them celebrate your accomplishment while you keep up the good work.

That would be a pretty shit way for his friends and family to celebrate that particular achievement with him.

Nobody said you had to be sober all the time. Just don't be drunk all the time.

You don't understand the concept of sobriety, do you?

You have completely missed the point. OP doesn't want to drink. Her dumbass uncle is throwing temptation in her face.

I'm from Wisconsin. Of course I don't understand the concept of sobriety.

Her name is kind of a tip off that she does not understand sobriety.

cadillacgal79 32

Like any other state, Wisconsin has recovering alcoholics, just because we are the dairy state and happen to have some of the best breweries, doesn't mean all of us are drunks. You're making us Wisconsinites look bad.