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Good morning guys! Today's interview has been done in some extreme circumstances. It was about 36° Celsius, and half of the Completely Serious Comics crew was working while the other one was cooking. Well, it was a bit crazy as you can imagine. So m...

Good morning guys! Today's interview has been done in some extreme circumstances. It was about 36° Celsius, and half of the Completely Serious Comics crew was working while the other one was cooking. Well, it was a bit crazy as you can imagine. So maybe the answers are a bit odd. But the questions are definitely supercalifragilistically interesting and intelligent. Trust me.


-HELLO everybody, my Name Is Jesse Nylund.

-How old are you?
-I am 22 and a half years of age.

-What's your job?
-Well I'm pretty sure I'm payed to be miserable but my actual title is Call Center Supervisor. I don't think I'm allowed to say more than that.

-Ah you're the kind of guy who calls us just to bother us?
-Haha I WISH! It would make the day more interesting. No I just have people call us and complain all day. Loads of fun.

-Oh you have to tell us ONE anecdote.
-Oh boy OK... Well it's hard to really give any stories without giving away where I work exactly but people will call in and will yell, and I mean YELL, at us for so long over a few dollars that they don't want to pay. The swearing and the yelling was so much that I accidentally laughed on the phone really hard and the person was so mad I could hear them throw the phone and it disconnected. I then laughed so hard I had to take a break.

-I KNOW WHERE YOU'RE WORKING, it's for a porn website right?
-DON'T TELL ANYONE. Oh right. Internet interview.

-Did you get some famous people calling you?
-I think Mathew Perry called once. So no. No one famous.


-So, tell us more about your webcomic!
-WELL it's really just something I've always liked doing. Me and Leo have always had a weird sense of humour and I've always liked doodling and drawing, so we made the comic. It's just a bunch of jokes that make us laugh and some characters I throw in every once in a while. It's probably the greatest thing to happen to the internet since (shameless ass-kissing). But really we didn't expect as much attention as we get and I find it awesome that others find this stuff funny too.

-You even ended up on 9gag front page. So, Leo is your roomate-buddy-partner-in-the-shower, but he's sadly not here, so you have to present him to us!
-His Name is Leo Nickle, He is also 22 and a half (4 days older than me, the jerk) and he works as a backroom stocker at Walmart. He's also very pretty. Oh, and forgive me if I run from my computer in a few minutes. I've got chicken in the oven.

-All I can think of right now is this
-Okay, I'm back, where were we? 

-You were saying how pretty your roomie is, trying to convince me you weren't gay.
-Yes. Probably not very convincingly either. I'm just saying he's a good looking dude for all those ladies reading this interview.

-So, are you saying comics artists are normal people who can easily be in a relationship?
-Oh heavens no! The artists such as myself are hollow shells of people, grabbing at societies ankles at a vain attempt at humanity. Comic website designers and writers such as Leo are totally fine and normal.

-OK, I'm relieved. What are your inspirations?
-My inspirations are usually other comics in terms of where I can take the jokes or the stories. I read a lot of and nedroid, those guys have such awesome imaginations and weird jokes that it lets me think of the weirdest stuff and put it on paper. The jokes/stories themselves come from what I think will make my friends laugh and I'm happy to see others enjoy it too.

-What's the future of your webcomic?
-Honestly I don't know. I just want people to like it and to have a good laugh whenever possible. I never expected it to get this far and it's amazing what support we get over the internet.



-Are you going to be in a comic con or something soon?
-I would love to but there's only 2 comic-cons even close to me and we're only now starting to look into merch for the site. I think once we start selling shirts and what-not we'll be at a comic-con in the future but being a dirt poor webcomic team, it's hard to make it work. But you never know and I advise people who like the site to keep their ears open

-Did you experience a FML moment yourself?
-Oh yes I have and I should probably send this into the site because it's a good one. We were hosting a party in our house and I was the one that decided to not drink and make sure the house is still standing by the morning. Halfway through everyone seemed OK so I went to bed as I worked in the morning. When I woke up, the kitchen was covered in soda and booze, there was a knife sticking out of my hallway wall and someone had punched a hole through my kitchen wall so big I could put my head through it. FML.

-And you dare to blame your friends, you're a terrible host Jesse! Last but not least (yes, this interview is ending now, don't cry, I know we had a special connection but everything must come to an end.) Why did you choose this story to illustrate?
-Well I guess I thought that not only was it really funny but really sad too, which for me makes it even funnier. Her fiancee is there to marry her and laughs at her when she falls down in front of her whole family on, probably, the best day of her life. Too good to pass up.

-Thank you Jesse for taking part!





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