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Today, after hours of organizing and spending around $300 for my three-year-old's birthday party, I realized I forgot to send out the invitations. FML
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Let me clarify, since its very cold outside, I decided to rent a play area for my son and his friends. I was to send the invitations in his bag when he went to preschool, but I evidently forgot. The $300 was for everything, the cake, gifts, play area rental, food and a clown. I ended up making some last minute calls and quite a few people showed up.

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$300? My birthday parties didn't exceed the cost of the cake and a balloon. Save that money for his college fund; it'll be appreciated more.

I guess Junior is going to learn the meaning of the word "disappointment" early in life.


$300? My birthday parties didn't exceed the cost of the cake and a balloon. Save that money for his college fund; it'll be appreciated more.

Let's hope that OP doesn't continue this trend, because it will be one expensive ass Sweet Sixteen with no one showing up.

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What do you spend $300 on for a 3 year olds birthday party?

damn right. My mom says I either get a party or presents.

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How many kids are going to attend a 3 year old's party that warrants 50-70 dollars worth of tables and chairs?

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Just because you guys are a bunch if cheap skates doesn't mean OP is wrong.. Last time I checked she can do what she wants with her money & her child.

For my daughters birthdays we usually have around 50 people or so

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47- You can make your own cake for free. Who has a bouncy castle for a 3 year old? Since when have balloons been $15? And finally You should have your own tables and chairs.

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#108 Pretty much all kiddie birthday parties I have been to, has had a bouncey castle. Including 3 year olds and under.

#108 what if op doesn't trust their baking talent a store bought cake can be nice. balloons can be expensive its usually $1 per plain balloon and between $1 and $20 for a shiny decorative one.. op may have chairs and a table but not enough for a medium-large party and lastly not all guests will be 3 years old if op invites family with children they can enjoy the bouncy house

I doubt three year olds are going to remember their party. And it's not that important.

You can't make your own cake for free. Ingredients cost money and time. What if OP was working and didn't have a day to spend making a nice cake? My son's party was yesterday and it took me a full day to make that cake. Even though I had ingredients, I still had to get jam and cream for the middle and extra fondant for the top. Normally I buy the cake and can see why now. So much easier and definitely worth the money given the time it takes to make a good one.

I work in a cake shop, and have seen people spend $300 on the cake alone for their 3 year old's birthday party. Cringe

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You know 50 ****** ppl that your daughter knows as well?!?!?! I'm a teenager and I'm only allowed to have up to 10 ppl at my party

Just because a mother is spending more than you deem appropriate on her own child and with her own money, doesn't mean she's wrong or neglecting his college fund. Being well-off, enough so to have a birthday party and a college fund is not a crime. Also, parents do not owe children a college fund, I don't know where you come from but here, children pay for their own university while parents actually do pay for things in childhood, like birthday parties.

I could see that, but you could probs just make a cake and ask a neighbor for some tables and stuff.

I guess Junior is going to learn the meaning of the word "disappointment" early in life.

parents like to give their children everything they never had and they relive it through those moments. Maybe OP never had an extravagant birthday when she was younger and thought she'd do it for her child.

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Well #119 if it was that important, you would think she'd remember the invites.

Lmao my comment was clearly not targeted towards the fact that she forgot the invites, it had to do with the fact that she spent $300. Learn to read and fully understand 128.

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Quick OP get on the phone and ring everyone!!

priorities first. at least the kid won't have to worry about sharing or other kids breaking the toys.

I take it you were one spoiled brat number 4

How exactly is he going to get presents if no one comes???

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38 made a valid point. he/she did come off as bratty.. not having to share your toys?? come on people...

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Oh give #4 a break. You guys act like you were never selfish with a present or an item before. Most kids are until they get older and understand sharing a bit more.

Please, read the post again, process the information, and figure out where you went wrong.

6- Yes, he'd be considered a child prodigy if it wasn't for that stupid invitation thing.

That is a terrible way to spend $300... Try collage or a laptop once he starts school...

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So damn beautiful.. I cry every time I see a collage. Especially if it has pictures of redheads.

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Laptop in kindergarten? He'll be laughed out of play time. Everyone knows that iPads are far cooler among the pre teen crowds.

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Are you in "collage"? *shaking glass in hand like a sophisticated man*

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Subconsciously, you wanted all that cake for yourself. ;)

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Hours of organizing? Hundreds of dollars? You do realize that there's a very slim chance that your child will remember this party at all, right? Some balloons and a sheet cake are all they'll really need.

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That's rule no. 1. Rule 2 would be to only invite a number of children equal to the birthday kid's age.

that begins to get difficult around age 30

For me that would get difficult at age 5. I don't have a lot of friends. :(

@ 37 Once you start doing that you realise that a lot of your family wont be able to attend?

What kinda birthday party are you throwing, seriously that's more expensive than my sweet 16