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By NewlyChildaphobic - 17/11/2009 14:50 - Ireland

Today, I was minding a 6-year old boy. He begged me to take him somewhere. I rang his mum, and she said I could. He picked to go to McDonald's. He ordered chicken. After his meal, he told me he was vegetarian, and wanted to try some meat while his mum wasn't around. I got the blame. FML
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Did his mom *choose* for him to be veggie? In that case, good on you for showing him the amazingness that is chicken, even if it IS from McDonalds. Make him a bacon sandwich next time you have to babysit the ******.

Bob31_fml 4

gotta love the "vegetarian by force" approach. Clearly the kid isn't doing it by choice.


Did his mom *choose* for him to be veggie? In that case, good on you for showing him the amazingness that is chicken, even if it IS from McDonalds. Make him a bacon sandwich next time you have to babysit the ******.

This is why I connect vegetarianism with batshit insane people. She's being a nazi, imposing her beliefs on other people. The sad part is, I bet she would also hate it if you started pushing your beliefs on her. Fucking hypocritical, that lot. Sorry you had to deal with a retard, OP. #1, you are amazing.

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Either the kid made the choice himself, in which case he isn't a vegetarian. He's making shit up to impress people. Or his mother is MAKING him a vegetarian, in which case you shouldn't feel bad. Vegetarians aren't people anyway. Good for the kid for breaking away from that disgusting habbit. (just kidding, but seriously though, the mother shouldn't be forcing diets on her 6 year old. I would've challenged her and gotton fired. Better that than working for a dumbass mother.) I also concur with what was said above. Too many vegetarians are overbearing cammunazis when it comes to their diet.

hes six. he cant choose, and she isn't 'imposing her own beliefs on him'. shes get getting her 6-YEAR OLD SON to live (while he lives with her, and is SIX) how she does. shes not going to be a vegetarian, and then cook up hamburgers and pork chops for her song dumbass.

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While I agree that it's fine for her to serve her kid vegetarian meals--after all, most parents impose their own eating habits on their kids when they make one meal for the whole family--she got angry when the kid went out and chose to order meat. Without her. Therefore, she's expecting her kid to follow her beliefs about eating, which isn't fair.

OP, i never thought i would say this on, but you win in every concievable way. If you get in trouble for feeding the child meat, clearly the mother is imposing her beliefs on the kid (ie. Brainwashing) next time you babysit him/her/it make him/her/it a sandwich made of every animal you can get a hold off. Fight the power!

myballs: the child is the mother's responsibility. The mother is not the babysitter's responsibility. Therefore, the mother is allowed to "impose" her beliefs up the child (as long as they are not harming the child) but the babysitter should not impose her beliefs upon the mother.

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Bob31_fml 4

gotta love the "vegetarian by force" approach. Clearly the kid isn't doing it by choice.

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If the parents are vegetarian of course the kids will be raised as such. Christians don't raise Jewish children why would vegetarians raise meat eaters? Moron!

Oh right, because indoctrination into any kind of lifestyle is clearly the way to go! Your logic is immaculate.

Actually, I'm vegetarian and if I ever have kids, I have absolutely no intention of raising them vegetarian. I know how picky kids are when it comes to food and I'd rather they eat meat than risk being malnourished. My reasoning for being vegetarian is also incredibly personal and I have no intention of forcing my standards on anyone else, including my kids.

Wow. Good for you. I'm sure they'll appreciate being given the choice to decide for themselves, unlike this mother who isn't allowing her son to make decisions. It sucks that the OP was put into this position, but I think this kid is awesome for wanting to try new things .

My parents raised my brother and me vegetarian... I see no problems with it. Kids learn to eat what they're introduced to and make their choices from there. I don't get why the mother didn't mention it though. When I babysit, the parents always tell me about their kids diet and what there is to eat.

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If you're going to equate vegetarianism to religious choices, not allowing your child to eat meat is the same as not allowing your child to go to a mosque or a synagogue. Raising a kid within a lifestyle or a belief system is not the same as forcing it on them. And you call #3 a moron?!

Regardless of his mother raising him vegetarian, he obviously didn't enjoy being vegetarian, so this just seems all around ******* stupid on the mother's part for forcing a lifestyle on the kid and expecting him to be cool with it and roll with it his whole life. Parents should raise their children to formulate their own ideas on things and choose their own way, not give them one set path to follow their whole life, be it their religion (or lack thereof), diet, or other lifestyle choices.

My mother is Christian, my father somewhat, his mother extremely religious Christian. I was not raised so. I was allowed to make my own choices. My parents love homefried foods, but didn't raise me on such a diet. I actually quite dislike a lot of homefried foods. A real parent is supportive of choice. So, yes, Christian parents may raise Jewish children, and yes, vegetarian parents may raise non-vegetarian children.

The way I see it is that, although as a vegetarian with a six-year-old son, I don't want to prepare meat, if he has it outside the home, where's the problem? These over cautious and controlling mothers do more harm to their children than good.

Perhaps the mother makes all vegetarian food? Maybe she doesn't "force" vegetarianism on the kid, maybe she just doesn't buy or prepare meat? Perhaps the kid is free to eat whatever he buys and prepares himself?

tash14 1

If that were the case number 69, the mother wouldn't be blaming the babysitter that her child ate chicken from McDonalds. She wouldn't care.

DameGreyWulf - I was raised in a Christian household, was made to go to church etc but once I was considered an adult (eg. 18 or graduated highschool or whatever) my parents wouldn't have forced me to go if I didn't want to. I'm a Christian by choice and I know many kids who were raised in Christian households who chose, upon getting older, not to follow that lifestyle. just because you raise kids in a certain lifestyle doesn't mean you force them to keep that lifestyle or disable them from making their own decisions when they are old enough to do so.

More power to the kid! I'll eat this chicken quesadilla in his honor!

I trust you told her it was her fault for not informing you.

I don't understand why the OP wouldn't ASK about what the child can and cannot eat. I ALWAYS make sure that I know what the child is supposed to be eating.

If the mom has her child on a strictly vegetarian diet and didn't inform you, then it's her own fault. Any responsible parent knows that they need to inform any care giver of their child things like that. Especially when it comes to diet. Not everyone that knows the family is going to know that Little Jimmy is allergic to peanuts or has certain foods he can and can't eat.

I can't imagine it's healthy to raise a child as vegetarian anyway.

It's perfectly healthy as long as the parent is well informed on how to get protein and other nutrients usually found in meat from other sources. For the record, I am not Vegetarian, but I don't have a problem with people who are and choose to raise their kids that way, as long as they don't get up on their high horse, as many seem to do. I don't shove my beliefs in your face, don't shove yours in mine. Simple courtesy really.

bobsanction 18

Well clearly the kids mother doesn't share that philosophy, as she's forcing her beliefs on her child.

CharleneW - I really wish all non-veggies were as civilized as you. It's rare to find someone like that. And to stay on topic, the mother should be ashamed of herself. If the kid was vegetarian for medical reasons, that would have been disastrous. In any case, FYL OP.

you just called about 6 billion people uncivilized.

nyuukou 0

Where'd they do that? I mean, it's not like they said, "Holy shit, a civilised non-veg*n?! THEY EXIST?!". They just mentioned that not all non-veg*ns are so polite about the matter. Which is true, y'know.

yeah, calling em "rare" is def not the same as that hurhurhur

OK, misunderstanding, fair enough. What I did mean was that it's refreshing to be reminded that there are some non-vegetarians out there who don't automatically judge us either. In my experience I haven't met too many of them... which is sad. BTW - 6 billion people? A quarter of the world identifies themselves as some sort of pescetarian/vegetarian/vegan. o_o And that was a couple of years ago.

nonynony 0

A quarter of the world? What a gross exaggeration. A quarter of the DEVELOPED world, maybe. Have you ever lived in a still-developing country? (The populations of which, by the way, make up the majority of the world's population?) They aren't vegetarians/vegans because the thought of turning down valuable food is unimaginable. I used to think about becoming a vegetarian, but that stopped when I went to volunteer in a small village in southeast Asia. These people were thankful for all the nutrition they were able to get. Rejecting that would have been terribly insulting and cemented my place as a privileged white bitch. This wasn't intended to be a rant against vegetarianism, by the way, just a reminder that there are moral issues to the other side, too. And to remind you not to be so close-minded when you talk about "a quarter of the world." You forget the vast majority of people don't have the privilege to choose what they eat the way we do.

KrazyKatz3 26

It can be healthy if you know what you are doing. My mum was a vegetarian and myself ad my brother would eat vegetarian food at home because that was what she made. But there was no obligation to be a vegetarian unless we wanted to. She still cooks us vegetarian meals sometimes but both myself and my brother eat meat now.

haha — you have one word stealing letters from another :-P

If I were vegetarian, I wouldn't force it on my kids. I might explain to them why I think it's a good choice when they're old enough to contemplate it themselves, but I'd never expect them to accept it just because I do. A more relevant example to myself, I'm very agnostic, but won't raise my kids under the belief that it's logical that there's no good. I'll let them believe what they think is right, tell them why I have my own beliefs when they're old enough, and let them decide for themselves.

catastrophicsock 0

Exactly! Both my boyfriend and I are agnostic and plan on exposing our future children to everything and letting them decide what's right for them. 1. The mom should have said something to you if she expected you to follow it. 2. Don't force your beliefs and practices on your children. Well, basically what's been said here a million times.

I think is far as religioun goes i am just going to teach my children a bunch of awesome made up shit about space dragons, just because i can.

its people like you that end up having the ****** up kids. then you wonder.. what happened?