By dogwheels - 20/12/2011 11:54 - United Kingdom

Today, I had to sit and listen to my co-worker moan about how early he has to get up tomorrow to go on his ski holiday in France over Christmas. He also complained about how tiring skiing is. FML
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Ungrateful and spoilt people are annoying. I do not care for them.

Poor guy. You should give him a massage. He's having a rough time, op :(


Poor guy. You should give him a massage. He's having a rough time, op :(

Tell ur coworker he can go **** himself with a baguette

I bet his diamond shoes are too tight as well . . .

With all that whining he does he will fit right in with the frenchies!

He obviously hates life if he doesn't want to go skiing.... In freakin FRANCE

Should have just stopped at "Today, I had to sit and listen to my co-worker moan. FML"

#64 Nooooo!!! You have it all wrong! We don't complain when we go on holidays! We complain when we have to go to work! ;)

Tell the bitch to shut up and deal with it or switch with you

delilah09 6

Ha! Love it! If you hate it so much why talk about it do much then?!

Reyo 2

That sounds like something this one girl at my school would do. He's not really complaining, he's looking for a way to put it out there that he's going skiing for holiday, but he knows that bragging about it would just make people think he's a dick. That's why he's "complaining" about it. People see that it's not such an awesome thing for him, so he's not really a dick. It's not really working though.

Ungrateful and spoilt people are annoying. I do not care for them.

It can be either. Don't be such a tight ass and understand there are cultural differences between people from different places.

SilverInGray 25

22, you're a bit of an idiot, aren't you?

You should change the subject before KaySL reads this. We'll have a repeat of yesterday.

#26 no , "22 is no stupid ,but she doesn't knows the British english . according to Wordreference , "spoilt " is only a british word , but spoiled has employed in all english-speaking country . (sorry for the mistakes , I am french , and I has big gap in English)

Can I stand in for KaySL for a minute? No objections? Great! Callme007 - Are you so dense that you don't realise that there is such a thing as British English? Shocking, I know. You even say in your profile that you appreciate correct grammar and you make fun of stupid statements. So I expect you to come back and make fun of your own stupid comment immediately.

50 can I haz cheeseburger? I'm sorry I'm an asshole it was the first thing that came to my mind.

53- stfu. Stop trying to act like a bad ass on the Internet. In reality, you're an ass doctor. *braces for thumbs down and butthurt people*

Spoilt is the proper British English (as opposed to American English) spelling of spoiled. Same as kept and learnt,

SilverInGray 25

Yes because we call poor guys who date rich celebs "kept men".

MikeDa1Da - you're under the assumption that people give two ***** about what you have to say. This isn't the first time you've trolled me and failed miserably. Feel free to **** right off now.

rallets 22

First of all, 22, you are an idiot. Don't correct someone before doing research on the subject. Second of all, all the "American English is incorrect" is bullshit. Languages evolve. Get over it, and stop being snobs. Bring on the thumbs down.

but then he'll be on disability and have to sit at home and play video games

Not true look at Sonny Bono! He died from running it to a tree while skiing!

flockz 19

yes, death is always the answer. *eye twitch*

diidiimi 10

Dunno that I'd wish that kind of potentially terminal harm on him. Maybe hoping he gets put on a really dehydrating medication is more appropriate?

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Or rather, a mountain... He could survive the tree.

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Wow he really does have a tough life. I feel for him. France AND skiing

Awesomeelliot 11

must totally suck to do all those luxury activities...

Aww the poor baby. Is he also going because he forgot his ba-ba and his binkie there?

Icecream93 4

Give him a redbull. Gives him wings

tracyanai15 0

Put Ex-lax in his coffee. Then he'll really have something to complain about, ;)

Niiice!! Put it in his coffee and sit back and laugh your ass off lol Epic :)

tracyanai15 0

That'll be nice to see while he's skiing. Haha

lizzypooh36 18

yea, he obviously has such a tough life. if he doesn't wanna get up that early or get tired out from sking all day in France, I'll go in his place!

lizzypooh36 18

lol sure, why not. I'm sure OP's coworker won't mind since he can't appreciate the trip anyway lol

lizzypooh36 18

the more the merrier! so of course you can come too!

flockz 19

lol right doc? lol i don't know, i feel like my douchebag comments are going right over her head.

lizzypooh36 18

yea. not so much guys. you obviously didn't understand the hint of sarcasm in my comment.

diidiimi 10

69 - sorry hun, I detected no sarcasm in your comment. You might want to work on that a bit. You know what they say about practice making perfect. And perhaps a dictionary and instruction manual.

lizzypooh36 18

hahaha 86. that was a good one :) maybe you can get me an instruction manual. and while you're at it, pick one up on how to not insult random people or call them hun. or maybe even minding your own business :)

Lizzy - I wasn't talking about sarcasm in your comment. You know what, never mind. Carry on.

lizzypooh36 18

then what were you referring to Doc?

lizzypooh36 18

then what were you referring to Doc?

It's tough to reply to such horrible sarcasm.

Lizzy - ask flockz. He's the one trolling you. And if you didn't realise that, then your sarcasmometer is broken.