By rainedaddy - United States
Today, I open my front door and saw a covered basket with a card from my girlfriend on it. I picked it up and read, "Hope this cheers you up." I uncovered the basket to find a golden labrador puppy. Its eyes were closed and it wasn't breathing. FML
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  MangaFreakXxX  |  0

SHIT is right.
OP: Your girlfriend is fucking stupid. If she wanted you to find the puppy before, you know, it DIED, she should have rang the doorbell. If she gave you a dead puppy on purpose. Then she's a horrible person.

  shikari  |  0

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  Aeroxx1337  |  17

I'm going to imagine that the puppy was just... In a temporary coma or something, because I like puppies, and a dead puppy is one of the saddest things ever. Also, if it was just a covered basket, then wouldn't it have been pretty easy for the puppy to escape if it was dying?

  girlygirl666  |  0

Baskets are not airtight, they are woven, by definition. No need to poke holes.

Even so, she must be a total idiot to put a puppy in a basket and just leave it. By the time a puppy is at least 6 weeks old, (which is the age at which it can be separated from the mother), the puppy would be very active, and would get out of the basket and run off.

So, again, either she's a moron, or this is fake. In which case that would make YOU the moron.

Just sayin'.

  RubixMonkey  |  0

It said cardboard basket, as in a cardboard box shaped like a basket and it had a blanket over it. Depending on how long the puppy had been sitting there would determine how much air, water, or food the puppy had gotten. Did she feed it before? Or perhaps, like it is said above, it was sick. Or it got so hot in the CARDBOARD basket that the puppy died of heat stroke.

  girlygirl666  |  0

Oh, I guess you've spoken to the OP, then. He didn't mention a CARDBOARD BOX, or a BLANKET. Since he is apparently your BFF, could you ask him the rest of the story, and share it with us? K, thanks!

To the people who are saying, "maybe it was sick and she didn't know". At 6 weeks old or so, you would know if a puppy was that sick, and was about to die in that short of a time. Puppies are very active that young. I'm looking at 6 six week old Lab puppies that my dog had, and they are little terrors! A person would have to be an idiot not to be able to see if one were sick, especially sick enough to die very soon.

  girlygirl666  |  0

Depends on how early they start weaning. My female is a shitty mother, so they weaned early. They're ready at a little over six weeks. Some are being picked up this weekend. (maybe). I may just keep them all. They are just too damn cute!

  colorschemer  |  0

It depends on whether she had any experience with puppies. My friend took in a litter of tiny kittens from a feral cat after one of them was killed by another feral cat. They were all terribly young and had parvo (and got vet treatment - one pulled through, which is amazing for a feral kitten with parvo). We kind of knew that they weren't very energetic but had no experience with young kittens. They were playful, so it threw us off when it became obvious just how sick they were within a day or so.

Anyway, yeah, I'm really thinking this is totally for shock value. I'm calling FAKE.